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(Please call Addison TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-450-7130)

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For your Addison TX wildlife removal assistance on raccoon trapping, squirrel control, bobcat removal, opossum trapping and other wildlife services, just contact our phone operators for your appointments. Nuisance animals can disrupt your serene home living, even so it can cause inconveniences in businesses. Don’t wait for something worse to happen like property damage or a serious physical injury due to animal attack. Contact us now.

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Photo Credit: "Aerial view of Addison, TX" by Henley Quadling. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo Credit: “Aerial view of Addison, TX” by Henley Quadling. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Addison

Addison is composed of majority of land with 4.4 square miles making up all its area. The city is adjacent to major cities and communities such as Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Dallas. With a continuous growth and development since the 1980’s, the place has a good number of hotels (22) and restaurants (170). Several big company headquarters (or partly based) in the city includes Mary Kay Cosmetics, Dresser, Regus, Bank of America, Martinaire and Compuware. Pizza Hut and CompUSA at one times had their offices in the area. Addison has a several good parks (around 118 acres) and nature areas for relaxation of residents and visitors, like the Alfred J. Loos Athletic Complex, Quorum Park, Addison Athletic Club, Les Lacs Trail, Town Park and Vitruvian Park.

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Raccoon removal in Addison Texas

The raccoon is a wildlife animal that seeks necessities like shelter foremost. You wouldn’t see much of raccoons in high ground places. The creature will mostly seek lower grounds such as wooded river areas. In Addison, you will see raccoons roaming in open spaces searching for their food. There are even cases Texas raccoons enter houses.

Skunk removal in Addison TX

There are various kinds of food which Texas skunks eat in spring. After a relatively non-active lifestyle in winter where they sleep all day, skunks start eating food which starts to appear in nature. They eat insects like grasshoppers and bugs. On plant based food, they also fruits like ground cherries. Skunks found in Addison often damage gardens by digging in the soil to get worms. Skunks emit a musk that can be hurtful to the eyes, so it would be better to hire wildlife pro.

Beaver removal in Addison Texas

The beaver has a certain habit in terms on how the size of their territory. The distance from a beaver dam to another beaver dam can range from a half mile to a mile. The beaver will notably confine their activities quite instinctively with that range. In Addison, we have beaver removal and prevention methods, just call for details.

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Armadillo removal in Addison Texas

The expansion of armadillos in Northern states can be because of the non-existence of predators that eat armadillos. There are very few cases and reports of armadillos in Ohio, Pennsylvania and southern Illinois. However, the armadillos will still not able to tolerate cold temperatures as soon as winter starts to set in with the mentioned states. In Texas, armadillos cause car mishaps more than any other wildlife animal.

Opossum removal in Addison TX

The name origin of the wildlife animal opossum goes way back to 1607, when John Smith, a colonist of Jamestown wrote the word ‘opassom’. Around 1611, together with another Jamestown colonizer named William Strachey, they recorded a related word called ‘aposoum’. These possum creatures can be dangerous with their sharp teeth if you hold them. Just call an Addison Texas wildlife removal expert for precaution.

We also have animal removal of opossum, snakes, bobcat, rats, squirrel, birds, beaver, skunk, armadillo, bats, raccoons and other creatures. If you require cleaning of animal wastes, sanitation and dead animal body removal, just inform us. We also have wildlife services for home damage repair on attic, crawlspace and other house areas. Let our operators know if you also need house proofing and prevention so we can seal the access points.

Wildlife control services in Addison Texas

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