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(Please call Alexander City AL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 256-234-3421)

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If you require Alexander City AL wildlife removal services to clean droppings, foul smell, animal litter, dead animal body removal and other wildlife problems, just call our number on the page. We provide exclusion of creatures and critters like beaver, raccoon, mole, opossum squirrel and more. We often receive the following calls:

* Bat exclusion specialists
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Wikipedia – “Alexander City Alabama” by Rivers Langley; Saverivers – Public Domain via Commons

Wildlife in Alexander City Alabama

The city is made up of largely 38.8 square miles land (or 99% of total area). Water makes up only 0.5% or just 0.2 square miles. The Alexander City is sometimes simply known as ‘Alex City’. It has a huge wooded shoreline (750 miles) of Lake Martin (44,000 acres of clear water). The area is known to be a fishing, boating and camping area for nature enthusiasts. However, various wild animals can be seen seeking refuge in the trees, woods and fields.

Alexander City AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Alexander AL

Alabama has particularly large nature areas. This makes raccoon intrusions in Alexander City more common than usual. Don’t fall to the wrong notion that a raccoon will leave on its own from your house. It can stay and leave, but it will often return. You can have raccoon proofing to prevent its entry.

Squirrel Removal in Alexander City Alabama

In Alabama, particularly in Alexander City, the gray squirrel is one of the most noticeable squirrel species. They can mostly be found in mini forests and conservation areas with a lot of trees. They particularly like to stay in places with a lot of hickory and oak trees. However, they can also enter households. If you like to prevent squirrel entry, just call our number at 904-345-1542.

Bat Removal in Alexander Al

The wild animals we’ve removed often in Alexander City are bats. These are winged mammals that are small and weigh just one to two ounces. The body and head of Alexander bats usually have fur, though not as much. Unlike birds, the wings of bats are made from patagia membranes which do not have feathers. Don’t allow bats to stay long in your Alabama home, call us to remove it.

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Our other Alexander City AL Wildlife Control Services

Armadillo Removal in Alexander AL

Some homeowners in Tallapoosa were afraid of Alabama armadillos in part because of its scaly appearance. Armadillos common in the area have a physical description of light yellow leather like skin. However, sometimes you can also see mottled brown armadillos as well. The animal can spread leprosy, so remove the armadillo as soon as possible.

Skunk Removal in Alexander City Alabama

Skunks in Alexander City are fairly the same with southern skunks. The species usually have silky black hair, with the prominent white stripe that extends from a white spot on the neck, running towards the shoulders. The Alabama skunks are considered nuisance because of their horrible scent.

Beaver Removal in Alexander Al

The dams that beavers create can be difficult to remove. You may try to level these yourself or use your own method, but remember removing the dam does not altogether stop the Alabama beaver from coming back to create a new lodge. There are different methods that can be done to fully prevent the beaver from returning, ask us how in Alexander.

Bat Removal in Alexander Al

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Critters bring health risks and can even be fatal. Ask us for prevention.

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