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(Please call Allen TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 214-509-4200)

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If you need an Allen TX wildlife removal for your home, shop, office or store, call us now through our trunk line. We’re a local wildlife company with more than decade of experience in removal and trapping of animals like opossum, mole animal, squirrel, raccoon, bobcat and other untamed creatures. Other services we provide include carcass removal, insulation, restoration and damage repair. If you have a concern caused by a wildlife animal, just call us.

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Photo Credit: "Allen, Texas Train Water Station" by MeekMark. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo Credit: “Allen, Texas Train Water Station” by MeekMark. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Allen Texas

Located north of Dallas, the Allen Texas is made of mostly water at 27 square miles, very few bodies of water like creeks and small ponds. Several educational institutions located in the city include Allen High School, Collin College, and Lovejoy High School. There are approximately 17 elementary schools, 1 freshman school and 3 middle schools. Some of the important employers in the city include The Village at Allen & Fairview, Allen Independent School District and Watters Creek at Montgomery Farms. The city has several open parks and nature areas like the Hillside Wellness Park, Celebration Park and Allen Parks & Recreation. The latter is made up of mostly 800 acres of developed park land, with as much as 55 miles of nature trail and hiking trails.

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Squirrel removal in Allen Texas

To control the entry of squirrels, you need a holistic approach for successful wildlife prevention. You may not know it, but squirrels, can squeeze their bodies in dry empty water pipes. They can squeeze in small holes and tubes. This is the reason why some nuts are often found in vehicle engines because squirrels enter these places. If you would like to prevent squirrels from entering, you can call our staff in Allen Texas for inquiries or questions.

Bobcat removal in Allen TX

Some people are not as familiar with bobcats and often mistake the animal to other Felidae mammals. These animals are member of the genus Lynx, with a scientific name ‘Lynx rufus’, and quite common to North America. They’re known to be adaptable as a predator and can mostly be seen in wooded areas. In Allen Texas, there are quite a few number of bobcat intrusion in gardens and private properties. You should call a wildlife company if you like to remove a bobcat, since these animals are dangerous with their sharp teeth.

Rat removal in Allen Texas

Rats and mice share similar behaviors of rodents. However, they can be distinguished by the size, with rats having a larger size and the mice having smaller size. Such is the case if someone finds a big rodent, they would call it a rat, and if small, it will be called a mouse. In Allen Texas, rodents are a common household and business problem. They’re not easy to deal with, since they keep on coming back.

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Skunk removal in Allen Texas

How do skunks eat? In winter, there’s not much food to go around, so the skunks just stay on the den to sleep. The following season in spring, skunks eat a lot of beetles and little rabbits. Other options for skunks are carrion and black cherries. Skunks are often found stay in gardens, digging soil to find worms. This has becomes a constant problems for home owners in Allen Texas.

Snake removal in Allen TX

Members of the Serpentes suborder, snakes are a majority carnivorous reptile. It has no legs, no external ears and no eye lids. Its physical features are mostly made of overlapping scales in their body. Snakes can be seen in most continents and one of the most feared creatures by a lot of people. In Allen TX, we’ve removed several snakes that invade homes and business establishments. If you like to remove a snake from your property just give us a call.

We also provide wildlife management and animal control/trapping of squirrel, bobcat, rats, opossum, snakes, birds, beaver, bats, raccoons, skunk, armadillo and other species. If you need someone to clean animal droppings, decontamination and retrieval of dead body or animal carcass, just let us know. Also, we have wildlife company services for home restoration and repair on animal damages. We also provide sealing of access points, house proofing and prevention.

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