Amherst MA Wildlife Removal

(Please call Amherst MA Animal Control for all your domestic animal issues, including dogs and cats at 413-259-3333)

Amherst MA Wildlife Removal

A full-service and locally owned Amherst MA wildlife removal company in Amherst Massachusetts, Olander’s Wildlife Control provide cost-effective solutions for businesses and residences that need wildlife control management on the following wildlife animals:

* Bat removal
* Squirrel trapping
* Raccoon removal
* Rat control
* Mice removal
* Skunk removal
* Rodent control

If you have an unidentified wild animal not mentioned, kindly let us know to discuss the details or procedure to successfully remove it from your property. We’ve created an Amherst hotline for wildlife removal; you can save this page or our number in your contact list. Give us a call in your available time and ask us your questions.

Wildlife in Amherst

The town has an abundant geography of flat lands and peaks. Bordered by Leverett, Sunderland and Hadley, Amherst has interspersing landscapes of groves, trees and greens. The lush woodlots and grass all around can be seen all around from the town hall, school yards and downtown proper. It may seem wild animals are in-existent in Amherst at first look, but creatures like bats, raccoons, rodents, rats, mice and other nocturnal species roam the city streets in the dark in search for food and new places to establish their habitat. This has become a problem for residents and traders.

Amherst MA Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Removal in Amherst MA

A common belief about bats is that they like to live in mountainous regions far away from people. Some folks even think bats are afraid of humans the reason the mammals only come out at night. Well, this is all wrong, as proven by the many calls we receive, requesting to remove bats in people dwelling areas. Bats can also be found in building structures and establishments, co-existing with people. In our visits in Amherst, we’ve removed bats in storage rooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, garage and attic.

Bat Control in Amherst MA

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

Bat Control in Amherst MA

Bats have limited population growth, due to its unique ‘delayed’ reproduction. However, they can live extensively to as long as 20 years. Despite their relatively slow and minimal breeding (1 or 2 young bats per season), they still have the second largest mammal order in the world and can be seen everywhere. There can be as much as a million bats in a single cave, and can move at any time during seasonal changes or disturbance. Whenever they move, they can establish roosts even in cities and suburbs, which increase the likelihood for bat management.

Bat Exclusion in Amherst MA

You might ask if there are conservation efforts for bats and the answer to that is yes. Our work as bat exclusion professional require us to remove bats from residential properties, however, we do it in a humane manner. We’re trained how to handle bats, depending on its health condition, when we remove it from an establishment determining ways to relocate them. We strive to release a wildlife creature to their natural habitat as presented by the situation or circumstances.

Other Amherst MA Wildlife Control Services

Squirrel removal

We also offer squirrel removal services in Amherst MA for those who have their hands full (and still wondering) how to stop squirrels from entering their home. As small and agile as this creature, they’re as tough as the nuts that they carry around, as they’re known to sprint and hide away from threats. You might find it hard to remove them, if you have no experience in wildlife. It’s much better to give this job to a specialist.

Raccoon removal

Raccoons can similarly be more difficult to remove for a home owner. If you have a problem with raccoon intrusion, such as their messy habit of leaving feces and urine, you may want to call a raccoon removal professional as soon as possible. Raccoon droppings present health hazard because of the various diseases it may transmit and that’s something you don’t want.

Mice removal

Mice Removal in Amherst MA

Photo credit: blondinrikard / Foter / CC BY

Some people don’t notice mice when they see them running around, however mice can bring problems such as salmonella and Leptospirosis. You certainly don’t want any of these, especially near kids. Mice can be a headache if it gets out of control and hard to manage if you don’t follow the right method. You can save yourself from worrying about mice by letting an expert handle the removal and “mice proofing”.

Skunk removal

Don’t put aside a skunk intrusion since its strong odor can quickly attach within an area. Skunk smell is difficult to deal and takes a long time to remove. Call a skunk removal controller to handle the skunk immediately. Time is essential in this case, especially if you found a skunk in your business establishment. There’s a potential loss for operating time on business owners if a skunk remain in a place for a longer period.

Rodent removal

Rodents have different traits and characteristics, but they do like to bite and gnaw into items to keep their incisors from growing. This gnawing has contributed to damages in properties, furniture, equipment, gadgets and even foundations. They also reproduce a lot, something which you need to remember since they become very difficult to control. You can call a wildlife removal company in Amherst to ask for methods on how to remove rodents and prevent these creatures from inhabiting in your place.


Amherst MA Wildlife Removal