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Andover started as a Saxon village. Andover first appeared in history in 950 AD when a royal hunting lodge was built by the king. The town’s biggest employer is the Defense Ministry. The city is a home to the Harold R. Rafton Reservation, the Harold Parker State Forest, the Deer Jump Reservation and the Charles W. Ward Reservation. The town also has a number of golf courses. Watermills have played a significant role in Andover’s history. The town is served by special, state and independent schools.

Andover Massachusetts

There are several parks in Andover where you can go to see wildlife animals. In case you are having issues with wildlife animals in your home, your best alternative is to hire a company that specializes in wildlife removal. Andover wildlife removal companies are highly trained to remove animals from your property.

Andorver MA Wildlife Removal Services

Andover Raccoon Removal

Raccoons like to live in cities and suburbs. These animals are generally talented, strong and intelligent. Raccoons should be excluded in an effective and humane way. It is not easy to remove raccoons from your attic. Raccoons are very destructive critters and are not afraid of human beings. These animals will eat up all of your vegetables and fruits if you have a garden. Andover raccoon removal companies offer quality services at more affordable rates.

Andover Beaver Removal

Beavers burrow in the banks of lakes and rivers. Beavers are herbivorous animals and they prefer to eat twigs, aquatic plants, leaves and roots. These animals will chew on big trees so as to sharpen their teeth. Beavers have sharp, large, lower and upper incisors, which are utilized to peel bark and cut trees while eating. These animals have the ability to change and manipulate their environment. Beavers come out at night while you are sleeping and might damage your crops in the field. Andover beaver removal professionals will exclude these nuisance creatures from your property if you give them a call.

Andover Flying Squirrel Removal

Andover flying squirrel removal

Photo credit: Dawn Huczek / Foter / CC BY

Andover flying squirrel removal companies specialize in excluding squirrels from your attic. Mother squirrels love to build their nests in attics. These animals will enter your attic through tiny holes. You should not allow these animals to live in your attic because they can cause a lot of damages. If you hear something running above the ceiling or loud scratching sounds, it is a vivid sign that these animals are living in your property.

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Other Andover MA Wildlife Control Services 

Andover Massachusetts Skunk Removal

Everyone knows this white and black mammal, and its capability to spray a fluid with a strong odor in self defense. Skunks are very opportunistic creatures and will utilize other animals’ dens. These animals will also live near or under human dwellings. Skunks are also opportunistic feeders and will eat anything from young amphibians to a variety of berries and nuts. If the animals have adapted to live in urban areas, or if natural food supplies are limited, the animal will often consume garbage or carrion. It is important to find highly qualified Andover skunk removal experts once the animals have taken up residence in your home.

Andover MA Bat Removal

Bats are only an issue when they colonize inside your attic. If bats have entered your attic, they can pose a very great danger to your family. Andover bat removal experts will remove the animals without killing them for you.

Andover Massachusetts Groundhog Removal

If groundhogs are not properly controlled, they can cause serious structural damage when burrowing. During the winter season, the animals enter into deep hibernation state. Plantings, debris and woodpiles surrounding your home offer shelter for woodchucks, making them more likely to burrow underneath the grass or live in your property. It is important to call Andover groundhog removal experts once you see these animals running in your yard.

Andover MA Muskrat Removal

Muskrats inhabit marshes, areas near ponds, and wet lands. Muskrats are seen as pests because they feed on crops and damage river dams. These animals in the past were hunted because of their meat and fur. Muskrats live both in water and on the ground. These animals are very active at night. Muskrats have sharp claws which they use to dig deep burrows on rivers. To prevent these animals from destroying your crops in the garden, it is essential to call Andover muskrat removal professionals to help you exclude these animals.

Andover Massachusetts Opossum Removal

Opossum can damage your yard and they can be a very big nuisance at home. Opossum removal is a dangerous DIY job. Andover opossum removal experts are highly equipped to safely remove these animals from your attic so let them handle the work.

Andover MA Bird Removal

If you have a bird control issue, the first thing to do is to talk to Andover bird removal experts. Bird guano carries bacterial and fungal diseases.  Birds can also be very aggressive. Andover wildlife removal companies have the necessary equipment and expertise to remove wild animals from your property.

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