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(Please call Arlington TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 817-459-5700)

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We provide Arlington TX wildlife removal for businesses, households and buildings. Don’t hesitate to contact our operators for inquiries as well as schedules. We can handle a range of undomesticated animals from Texas like raccoons, bats, fox, squirrels, bobcats, and other dangerous creatures. Feel free to call us for questions on unidentified critters.

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Photo  Credit: "ArlingtonTXMontage1" by AndrewAvitus. CC0 via Commons.

Photo Credit: “ArlingtonTXMontage1” by AndrewAvitus. CC0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Arlington TX

One of the populous cities in the country, Arlington is made up of mostly land at 95.8 square miles land, with only 3.2 square miles of water (3.2%). It is one of those large cities on a state, but is not the county state. The city is just west from Dallas downtown. Several important facilities in Arlington are University of Texas, the Global Life Park (of the Texas Rangers), International Bowling Campus, AT&T Stadium and theme parks Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags. Some of the organizational headquarters located in the city are Texas Health Resources, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and American Mensa. Some of the notable parks and attractions in Arlington are S.J. Stovall Park, River Legacy Park, Bowman Springs Park, Arlington Parks and Recreation and Bowman Branch Linear Park. The area is known to have agriculture and farming related businesses.

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Raccoon removal in Arlington Texas

If you’ve noticed the raccoons, they stay for longer periods in banks of river or pond near a couple of trees. The reason raccoons like this is because this specific area have an abundance of what they need: shelter, water and food sources. However, there are instance raccoons are disturbed in their natural environment and start to seek other places. Sometimes, raccoons find their way in a nearby community or suburb. In Arlington Texas, raccoons are just one of the frequent animals we remove in homes and facilities.

Squirrel removal in Arlington TX

Removing Texas squirrels is just one of the steps in general wildlife management. You should follow through with a proofing procedure to cover all the holes and block all entry points. Arlington wildlife companies have squirrel specialists that help you on this problem. If you like to remove a squirrel immediately, just give us a call in our hotline on the page.

Skunk removal in Arlington Texas

For skunks, they do have a flexible diet. Sometimes they eat nightshades and corn. If fruits and plants are not plentiful, skunks can eat voles and even ground squirrels. Texas skunks may also bird’s nests for some little birds and eggs. In Arlington, skunks are a persisting headache for garden owners and landlord since skunks damage gardens and orchards. Aside from that, the skunks also have the tendency to emit a very awful smell. We also offer skunk removal, if you need this procedure, just contact our staff through our number on the page.

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Bat removal in Arlington Texas

Don’t handle bats to prevent rabies infection. Local authorities and government agencies advise the public to refrain handling bats. CDC already issued a warning that bats should only be handle by wildlife professionals that has permits. In Texas, bats are one of the most frequent mammals we remove. This is understandable since the state have a large number of bats. In Arlington TX, if you would need a bat removal specialist, just dial our hotline.

Armadillo removal in Arlington TX

The ranges of armadillos are mostly limited to areas in the south. There are incidents however of the animal reaching north, slowly expanding in the east coast and central. The shelled skin animal don’t have any fat or fur to help them against cold climate, so you wouldn’t see them surviving far north such as New York or Illinois. In Texas however, armadillos can be seen almost everywhere. The animal can be seen in the forest, in the parks, in the garden, in lawns, in football fields and even in highways. A lot of households in Arlington also reported intrusions of armadillos.

Beaver removal in Arlington Texas

Beaver Trapping Arlington Texas

Beaver Trapping Arlington Texas

What are the usual habits of a beaver? The Castor canadensis wildlife animals are in their most active when the sun comes down. The beavers are not daytime animals and mostly search for food and work on their dam at night. In Texas, you will see a lot of beavers in areas with bodies of water like pond or river. If you would need an Arlington TX beaver removal, don’t hesitate to contact our staff.

We also provide wildlife removal and wildlife control on other species such as bobcat, snakes, bats, raccoons, skunk, beaver, birds, armadillo, rats, possum, squirrel and other dangerous animals from the wild. Other types of services include retrieval of animal carcass, removal of feces, and cleaning/sanitation of foul smell. We also provide from animal damage repair on attic and crawlspaces. We also provide house proofing by sealing and blocking of house entry points of wildlife animals.

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