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(Please call Atlantic Beach FL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 904-247-5859)

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If you need a professional from an Atlantic Beach FL wildlife removal company, send us a message in our hotline. We have critter control on species like coyote, mole animal, raccoon, birds, squirrel, bats, fox and dangerous creatures. Don’t take any chance on removing these animals if you have no license and have no wildlife experience. Let us know if you need help by calling our number.

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Atlantic Beach FL

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Wildlife in Atlantic Beach FL

The area of Atlantic Beach is made up of mostly water at 9.5 square miles or 73% water, with just 3.5 square miles land. Located in Duval, it is within the consolidated community of beaches in Florida, yet keeping its own municipal government but still vote for the mayor of Jacksonville. The place has been known for its sandy beaches, with a 14 long stretch of ocean points. The city has 2 mile paddle trail of 400 acres of coastal waterways and marshlands, featuring Tideview Preserves, Riverbranch and Dutton Island. The areas are a tourist attraction for relaxing, bird watching, hiking and nature viewing.

Atlantic Beach FL Wildlife Removal

Raccoon removal in Atlantic Beach FL

Raccoons are now commonly seen in urban places that has nearby wood lands. You can expect the wildlife animal raccoon to stay on areas with trees since they use this as their shelter. Raccoons are generalist and seek necessities like shelter, water and food. This has been the case in Atlantic Beach Florida, where there are frequent incident of raccoon intrusions in households and establishments.

Opossum removal in Atlantic Beach FL

The opossum has no specific need for its biology and known to be very adaptive in various conditions. This allows the opossum to thrive in urban cities and households. Opossums even have diverse diet. The animal however are known to invade homes with no warning.

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Honey Bees removal in Atlantic Beach Florida

The bees have many species but one of the most common species is the honey bees. They are more known for the honey they store in their colony. For household owners, bees are difficult to handle. It would be better to let someone knowledgeable, like an Atlantic Beach wildlife company, to remove the bees.

Fox removal in Atlantic Beach FL

The North American fox currently has twelve species, with twenty-five sub species (including the extinct members). The main species are called true foxes and included to the family ‘Vulpes’ monophyletic group. It may be dangerous to remove a fox, since this can bite and attack ferociously. Don’t take the risk in removing a fox, but instead call a wildlife professional.

We also provide the following wildlife services: squirrel removal, rat control, attic repair, dead animal body clean up, stinky animal odor removal, sanitation.

Wildlife control near Atlantic Beach Florida:

32224, 32233, Atlantic Beach FL, Westside High School, Dutton Island Preserve, River Branch Preserve, Gainesville, Rose Park, Donner Park, One Enterprise Center, Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park, 32240, Fruit Cove, Oceanside Rotary Skate Park, Englewood High School, Atlantic Coast High School, Jack Russel Park, Atlantic Beach Dog Park, BB&T Building, Tideviews Preserve, Veteran’s Memorial Park, Robert E. Lee High School, 32222,  Terry Parker High School, Jordan Park, Johansen Park, 32225, Sandalwood High School, Northside, Fort Clinch State Park.

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Call us now in Atlantic Beach Florida for removal of wildlife species such as raccoon, opossum, squirrel, bat, rats, bees, snakes, armadillos, wild hogs, honey bees and other critters.

Atlantic Beach FL Wildlife Removal
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