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Welcome to Gold Country Wildlife Control, a local Auburn CA Wildlife Removal company to help you remove nuisance animals in your home. We provide wildlife control and wild animal trapping for households, establishments and facilities in Auburn in Placer County, California. You can also contact us if you’re from a nearby area in Auburn CA. We provide the following removal services:

* Wildlife control in Auburn CA
* Wildlife animal removal
* Auburn CA Wildlife Control Company
* Nuisance animal removal
* Wildlife wastes, feces and droppings clean up
* Wild animal trapping
* Wildlife trapper in Auburn CA

We handle different types of wildlife animals that include Gopher, Mole, Squirrels, Skunk, Raccoons, Snakes, Fox and Coyotes. If you have other wildlife creatures and unidentified indigenous animals, please call 530-554-8476 in Auburn CA, for questions and inquiries.

Auburn CA wildlife removal

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Wildlife in Auburn CA

Brimming with rich grass, trees and shrubs, Auburn’s wilderness can be seen everywhere where it surrounds the city down town area. One of the place where wildlife creatures inhabit is the Auburn State Recreation Area, which has been the home of some of the popular endurance competitions around the country. Auburn CA has been known as the “Endurance Capital of the World.” However, the surrounding mountain ranges, rolling hills and mountainous canyons also attracts some of California’s indigenous creatures like squirrel, raccoon, fox, gopher, mole, snake and other wild animals.

Auburn CA Wildlife Removal Services

Mole Removal in Auburn

Did you know a mole can breathe under the ground for longer periods as they continuously dig their tunnels? They have been known to survive in very low-oxygen territories, the reason they can dig a lot of tunnels with not much rest. The mole usually gets their strength from earthworms, which is the primary source of their energy and muscle. It’s not ideal to have a mole in your property since they can easily damage the soil and landscape. A mole is also a moving reservoir of parasites, bacteria and viruses.

Gopher Removal in Auburn

Gophers typically weigh somewhere 250 grams or 0.5 pounds, with length of around 160 to 210 mm. Their tail ranges from 26-50 mm. Female gophers are normally smaller than male gophers. On their physical appearance, they usually have brown fur that will match the soil of the territory or surroundings that they grew up in. The “pocket gopher” refers to the big cheek pouches they have. We removed a lot of gophers in Auburn CA recently, call us at 530-554-8476 if you want to remove a gopher.

Skunk Removal in Auburn

Skunks do not belong in a household. In Auburn, we’ve removed a lot of skunks from houses, apartments and some food stores. The smell that comes from a skunk is not difficult to identify because it is extremely bad. Remember, don’t let a skunk stay long in your property; call a skunk removal professional immediately.

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Our other Auburn CA Wildlife Control Services

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels have sturdy strong claws which help them climb, grasp and hold in trees, walls and fences of households. They can do this fast, often carrying their food items to store them in various areas in the house. In Auburn CA, we’ve removed squirrels from houses, where squirrels come to store their food, fruits, nuts, acorns and seeds in various areas of the house.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are known to be clever, intelligent and can be unpredictable. According to some studies of raccoon behavior patterns, particularly by Gehrt, ‘the raccoon would usually do something different, 1 of every 5 behavior patterns’ they have accustomed unto. In Auburn CA, this makes them very difficult to handle if ever you see them inside your house.

Fox Removal

Here’s some information on foxes. The fox generally don’t hang around large packs but usually live in small groups or families. Most of them can also be seen living or roaming in a solitary lifestyle. They have flexible diet, and can eat fruits, plants and animal meat. However, the fox would prefer invertebrates, insects and small animals. These can include eggs, birds, lizards and reptiles.

Snake Removal

Snakes don’t necessarily prey or attack humans. However, there’s always a danger for the animal to bite, if it senses threat or harm from people. If you found a snake inside your house or business property, get in touch with a snake removal specialist as soon as possible.

Coyote Removal

The coyotes often seen in California are known to be adaptable to the available food items in their home range. They can be seen mostly walking around alpine areas, hills, mountains, grasslands and even dry arid deserts searching for food. Around 80-90% of the time they will go for meat. Coyotes are known to prey upon lizards, rodents, sheep, deer, rabbits, fish, insects and crustaceans. Contact us for coyote removal in Auburn CA.

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My name is Dalton Stephenson. I provide wildlife removal wildlife control services in businesses and households in Auburn and nearby areas in Placer County. We’re insured, fully-licensed and member of National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

Call us in Auburn California if you need immediate wildlife removal services on gopher, squirrel, mole, skunk, raccoons, coyote, snake, fox and other wild animals. Pick up the phone if you can’t identify the type of animal in your place. You can also refer our number to someone you know in Auburn who has problems on nuisance animals. Call us today!

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