Barry County MI Wildlife Removal

(Please call Barry County MI Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 269-948-4801)

Barry County MI Wildlife Removal 

If you need Barry County MI wildlife removal of raccoons, fox, bats, squirrels, coyotes and beavers, just call our staff for appointments. Our wildlife services in Barry County Michigan include the cities of Hastings, Middleville, Freeport, Woodland, Nashville and other nearby towns and communities. Don’t hesitate to contact us for other dangerous animals like rats, skunk, mink, opossum, feral cat and muskrats.

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Wildlife in Barry County Michigan

Barry County MI is made up of 553 square miles land (96%), with approximately 24 square miles of water (4%). The county is named after U.S. postmaster general William Taylor Barry, who served under United States President Andrew Jackson. Barry County is host to the annual cycling race, the Barry-Roubaix. A popular attraction in Barry County is its several parks and nature areas. The 230 acre Charlton Park lies along the Thornapple Lake and has outdoor attractions like boating, fishing, hiking and swimming areas. It also has the Historic Village and Museum for tourists. Barry County has an extensive Forestry Management which is in charge to preserve the forest, woodlot and tree areas of the county. If you visit Barry County, don’t be surprised however to see several wildlife animals like squirrels, raccoons, bats and other animals because of the huge open space of nature.

Barry County MI Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon removal in Barry County MI

Urban raccoon management has started to become common because of the frequency of intrusions of the animal. Most of the time a household in Barry County will only deal with the raccoons after it enters their property. There are instances raccoons are left to roam in cities. Authorities also would only deal with the Michigan raccoon if it becomes nuisances in places like parks and nature trails.

Squirrel removal in Barry County MI

Don’t expect squirrels to last more than two years in the jungle. Even if squirrels would be able run or jump very quickly, these small furry creatures are the favorite food by hawks. Interesting to note how squirrels have sometimes found their way into Michigan residential areas because of threat. We remove squirrels in Barry County, call us now for details.

Bat removal in Barry County MI

The young bats born in roost colonies in Barry County usually develop fast. They can be able to come out and fly in six to eight weeks. The female bats are the only ones that care for the pup, since the male bats live on separate roost. The young Michigan bats live with their mother in spring. In summer until fall, the young bats fly with the female bats and male bats all living in single roost. Send us a message if you need bat exclusion.

Beaver removal in Barry County MI

A sudden pace of activities can be noticed from Michigan beavers sometime in September. You will already see the animal going around the nearby trees to cut tree barks and tree saplings which the beaver will use for their dam. The beaver should have found an anchor for their dam, usually a log jam of debris in water. The beaver will then anchor the cut tree parts piling them with rocks and mud. get in touch with a beaver specialist in Barry County at .

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Other Barry County MI Wildlife Removal Services

Rat removal Barry County MI

Photo credit: blondinrikard / Foter / CC BY

Coyote removal Barry County MI – The coyote is a known predator of small animals and comes from the same family of the gray wolf. Michigan coyotes are indigenous to North America.

Fox removal Barry County MI – A fox has an average appearance in size, though a domestic dog is quite larger. The fox is in the same genera of the Canidaes. If you need to remove a fox in your property call us now.

Mink removal Barry County MI – There are two types of minks widely distributed in the world, these are the American mink, which is larger in size, and the European mink.

Muskrat removal Barry County MI – An indigenous species in the U.S., the muskrat is a wildlife animal that can live in lands and water areas. Michigan muskrat has a medium size body.

Opossum removal Barry County MI – The opossum is a wildlife animal within the order of marsupials which can traced to its roots to South America.

Rat removal Barry County MI – Long tailed rodents, rats have medium sized bodies belonging to the family of Muroidea. We provide rat control and rodent control in Barry County Michigan. Please get in touch with our staff.

Skunk removal Barry County MI – Skunks will most likely consume a lot of food in fall so they can build some fat in their body. The striped animal skunks often do this so they can have a source of energy when they stay in cold places.

Feral cat Barry County MI – Cats which didn’t receive care from people and grew up only with wildlife animals are called feral cats. The cat should be easy to spot as it brings out its pangs when it sees humans.

We also provide animal damage repair in Barry County MI.

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Barry County MI wildlife removal