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(Please call Battle Creek MI Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 269-781-0911)

Battle Creek MI Wildlife Removal 

We provide assistance for Battle Creel MI wildlife removal for business establishments, residential places, households, buildings, government agencies and commercial facilities. We’re a local wildlife company in Battle Creek Michigan with experiences in handling skunks, raccoon, mink, squirrel, feral cat, bats, opossum, beaver and other dangerous creatures from the Michigan wildlife. Wild animals are nuisances since they never grew up domesticated. They always pose threat to property damages and even human lives. It’s recommended to remove wildlife animals immediately, call us today for details.

* Michigan critter control
* Remove squirrels
* Clean animal wastes
* Rodent removal and proofing
* Wildlife removal in Battle Creek MI

Battle Creek MI wildlife removal raccoon squirrel beaver bats muskrat feral cat opossum rats skunks coyote fox mink removal

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Wildlife in Battle Creek

Battle Creek is located in Calhoun County, making up 42.61 square miles land, with 1.12 square miles water. The total size area of the city makes it the 3rd largest in Michigan, just behind Grand Rapids and Detroit. Battle Creek is known as the “Cereal City” because of the presence of Kellogg Company, Post Cereals and Ralston Foods. The origin of the name came from battle between a group of Native Americans and Col. John Mullet. Battle Creek has more than 60% developed land, with more than 40% agricultural zone. Located in Southern West part of Michigan, some of the notable attractions in Battle Creek include the Binder Park Zoo, Leila Arboretum, Willard Beach Park, Linear Park, Battle Creek Parks & Recreation, Prairieview Park, and Woodland Park & Nature Preserve. There’s as much as 600 acres of nature trails and parks in Battle Creek, with open fields, scenic paths, wooded lots, and walking trails. The vast areas of nature have made Battle Creek, a roaming ground and habitat for a lot of Michigan wildlife animals.

Battle Creek MI Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon removal in Battle Creek MI

One of the most common complaints we receive from Battle Creek homeowners is on raccoon intrusions. We receive more than hundreds of calls in a week and raccoons are the most frequent cause of nuisance in a household. Some of the common problems are when Michigan raccoons use attic, garage or crawlspace as their den.

Squirrel removal in Battle Creek MI

Most squirrels in the Michigan wilderness can last as short eight to twelve months because of the constant threat from predators. The squirrels rarely fight back another attacking animal and the most that they can do is to run and hide in tree cavities. Owls are just one of the notable predators of squirrels. Do you need to remove and prevent squirrels in your home, send us a message.

Bat removal in Battle Creek MI

In spring, the female bats and the male bats don’t live close, notably when the female bats take care for the young. The pup will usually grow rapidly in two month in which it will be able to fly and join in the foraging of insects. In summer, all Michigan bats, female adult, male adult and young bats join again in common colonies. This is commonly seen in natural areas like caves and even man made structures like bridges and houses in Battle Creek.

Beaver removal in Battle Creek MI

Beaver removal in Battle Creek MI

Beaver removal in Battle Creek MI

In early October, a Michigan beaver would have now set a good foundation for the den. The animal would then trip to nearby logs, plants and trees to cut saplings. The beaver will also use barks, twigs, wood chips, branches and leaves. These items will be filed skillfully 4 to 6 feet deep in the water. Across, the dam can be around 30 to 40 feet. For prevention of beavers in Battle Creek, just call our hotline for inquiries.

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Other Battle Creek MI Wildlife Removal Services

Coyote removal Battle Creek MI – The coyote has a wide distribution in the United States and known to be in abundance from the south down to Central America. If you have a coyote in your property, call our staff now for appointment to remove it.

Fox removal Battle Creek MI – In the same genera of the Canidae family, the Michigan fox is omnivorous as it can eat plants as well as small animals. It has the same built like a dog, however fox are smaller.

Mink removal Battle Creek MI – A semi-aquatic mammal, the mink belongs to the same family of the otters. The Mustelidae species of the mink is adaptable to land as well as the water.

Muskrat removal Battle Creek MI – A member of the Ondatra genus family, the muskrat is indigenous to America, but can also be seen in South America, Europe and Asia. Muskrats has an average body size and loves as an aquatic-land animal.

Opossum removal Battle Creek MI – Opossums are just one of the 103 species in marsupials that can be found in the West Hemisphere. They are also called the Didelphimorphia by the scientific community. The opossums expanded in North America through the land borders from Central and South America.

Rat removal Battle Creek MI – The wildlife animal rats have recently seen its quick adaptability in cities and communities in Battle Creek. Most people consider rats as pestilence and want the critter removed as soon as they see them in their property.

Skunk removal Battle Creek MI – In fall, Michigan skunks try to prepare for the following season which is winter. The cold season makes it difficult for skunks to hunt for food, thus the animal just stay in their den to sleep. If there’s a skunk in your home, don’t hesitate to call us in Battle Creek.

Feral cat Battle Creek MI – Most residents don’t recognize feral cats easily not until this species bring out their pangs. There are even instances feral cats will attack with no threat.

We also have animal damage repair in Battle Creek MI.

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