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(Please call Belleville IL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 618-234-1212)

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For your Belleville IL Wildlife Removal on squirrels, skunk and beaver, please get in touch with our specialist. We also provide exclusion procedures mole, raccoons, rodents and bats. If you don’t know the Illinois animal inside your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call for inspection. We’re a local wildlife control company with state licenses and permits to handle different wild animals like bats, raccoons, squirrels, mole, opossum, skunk, beaver, bird, snake, groundhog and other Illinois wildlife. We also provide wildlife removal in nearby cities in St. Clair and Madison County IL like Edwardsville and Frankfort.  In Belleville, some of our regular calls include:

* Trapper of squirrels in Belleville
* Remove the skunk and its odor
* Bat specialists and professional
* Exclusion of bats in Illinois
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* Animal control expert
* Wildlife trapper professional
* Safe critter prevention
* How to remove raccoon
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Wildlife in Belleville Illinois

The name ‘Belle ville’ is derived from the actual French term which means ‘Beautiful city’. It has one of the most populated cities near Chicago. It is made up of 98.8% land or 22.7 square miles. Water is only at 1.17% or 0.27 square miles. It is near to some of Illinois trees and forest which causes several intrusions in Belleville.

Belleville IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Belleville IL

What do raccoons in Illinois have? Well they’re slightly different from their raccoon relatives that can be found in the southern part of the state. They are larger in size and weight. However, they do still have the main features like the brown and gray fur, as well as the black mask that is over their eyes. Illinois raccoon also have bush ringed tail which is black in color. If you need inspection, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Squirrel Removal in Belleville IL

There are different types of squirrels that can be found in Illinois. The most common are the ground squirrel, flying squirrel and tree squirrel. We have many experiences in removing the ground squirrel as a nuisance in households and buildings. Squirrels cause problems like chewing or gnawing into furniture or structures. If you’re having trouble with squirrels, please call our number for appointment.

Bat Removal in Belleville IL

The flying mammal bats are fascinating of all animals. They are actually the only known mammal to be able to fly in history. They are not like other flying creatures like birds. The bat primarily uses echolocation, a specialized skill where they make their navigation using sonar. This is the same concept used by submarines as they navigate in the dark deep waters of the oceans. For the bats, they use echolocation to bounce off sound waves in the environment as they fly and search for insects and find roosts. We provide bat exclusion, just give our staff a call for questions.

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Our Other Belleville IL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Belleville Il

Beaver Removal in Belleville Il

Beaver Removal in Belleville IL

If you’ve found a beaver within your property, don’t ignore them. Even if it has been known to cause damages outdoors, more than indoors, don’t disregard them. A beaver as soon as it creates their habitat, such as their dome like dam, can cause flooding or damages in landscape. This has been the complaints of owners more often. Call us today for beaver trapping and removal services.

Skunk Removal in Belleville IL

The skunk commonly seen in Illinois is the striped type, which is around average in size (like a domestic cat). The head of the skunk is triangle shape, with a ball shape round nose. The animal has round and small ears. Their eyes are also small, beady and deep black. Skunks are stinky and difficult to remove, contact us to remove the creature.

Wildlife Control in Nearby Areas in St. Clair County IL

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We also provide wildlife nuisance animal control service on other cities near Belleville Illinois, kindly give us a call for confirmation.

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