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In need of a Biloxi MS wildlife removal of skunks, beavers, squirrel, beaver, armadillo, bats, mole animal, raccoon for your household, call us today. We’re a team of wildlife removal experts and specialist with decades of experience on animal control, wildlife trapping and animal proofing. Animals from the wild are dangerous carriers of diseases, aside from the costly damages they may bring on a property. They can gnaw, bite, scratch and tear away areas and items of your house. It is not advice for inexperienced persons to remove wildlife animals, since handling of these creatures require insurance, license, permits and safety procedures.

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Wildlife in Biloxi MS

Located in Harrison County in Mississippi, Biloxi is made up of 38 square miles of land and 8.5 square miles of water. The city is near Gulfport and with a beachfront long the Mississippi Sound’s scattered barrier islands near the Gulf of Mexico. Biloxi is home to several military facilities like the U.S. Air Force Reserve 402d Wing, Keesler Air Force Base and U.S. Air Force Reserve 81st Training Wing. Several notable parks and nature paths include Todd Migues Park, Savarro Park, Popp’s Ferry Causeway, Businessmen’s Park, Margaret Peresich Park, Oak Park, Pennzoil Park, Cavalier Park, Miramar Park, Peresich Park and I-110 Pkwy. The abundant greens, woodlots and trees have sometime made a Biloxi a breeding ground roaming area of wildlife animals.

Biloxi MS Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Biloxi MS

Raccoons you will often see in Biloxi are known to have keen sense of smell. This helps them track down and find the food that they need. Aside from their acute nose, the raccoons also have very sensitive paws to help them feel the food items. Some of the notable food items they like to track are flavorful fruits, nuts and flower bulbs. Some of the fruits they like to eat are acorns, walnuts, blackberries and pecan nuts.

Squirrel Removal in Biloxi MS

If you’ve notice the species of fox squirrel and gray squirrel in Biloxi constantly moving during the day, it’s because they are diurnal. You can also include the red squirrels as a daytime squirrel. For the species that spend most of their time during the evening or nocturnal in nature, these are the southern flying squirrels. Most of these squirrels have similar diet, where they carry around and eat berries, acorns and walnuts. If there’s a raccoon in your home in Biloxi, just call us.

Bat Removal in Biloxi MS

Cities and urban areas in Biloxi Mississippi have started to see the influx of bats into buildings, houses and apartments. There are reasons why bats started finding and building roosts in chimneys, attics and rooms of houses. The constant changes in the climate can be attributed. Bats can’t stand cold temperatures and are known to hibernate during winter. Other species of bats however just seek warm places to escape harsh cold weather. We also remove bats, contact us for details.

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Skunk Removal in Biloxi MS

How do skunks in Biloxi fight big animals that attempt to prey upon them? The skunks have a simple defense mechanism when they come face to face against an enemy. All the skunk need to do is to raise their tail and point it to the attacker. The skunks have these anal glands in the tail which is filled with yellowish thick oil that smells really bad when sprayed. For skunk removal, send a message to our specialist.

Beaver Removal in Biloxi MS

Not a lot of people in communities in Biloxi Mississippi learned about beavers until they experience flooding. Even so, if there’s a sudden increase of mosquitoes or insects in an area, do people discover that beavers have something to do with such problems? The dam created by the beaver is the main cause. Known as Castor canadensis in the scientific community, the beaver have an instinctive and specialized trait in building dams on top of water, like a pond or a lake. We remove beavers, give us a call for details.

Armadillo Removal in Biloxi MS

Armadillos, notably the nine band species, feed mostly on insects that can be found in the ground. This insectivore wild animal mostly prefers termites, worms, ants and other small invertebrates. The armadillos prefer tropical, rainy and warm weather. In Biloxi, armadillos are also common. They cannot stand extreme cold temperatures since they don’t have thick fur and fat, which can offer insulation in winter.

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