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We are a local Birmingham AL wildlife removal company with decades of experience in handling different types of nuisance critters that invade homes and business establishments in Birmingham in Alabama. Get in touch with our representatives for your wildlife control problems like:

* Raccoon and bat in the house
* Ground squirrel and flying squirrel in the garden
* Soil damages caused by burrowing animals
* Wildlife animal disease transmission
* Sealing, prevention and proofing of entry points

Wildlife in Birmingham AL

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Wikipedia – “St Paul 05” by Gaagaagiw; CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

Considered as one of the most important business hub in south eastern US, Birmingham AL is made up of 149.9 square miles of land, with 1.34% or 2 square miles of water. Trees, forests and woodlots can be seen all around Birmingham particularly Red Mountain, Shades Mountain, Sand Mountain and Ruffner Mountain. The area lies within the hills, ranges and ridges of Appalachian valley, which is home for some of Alabama’s wildlife animals.

Birmingham AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Birmingham AL

Recent news has reported of rabid raccoons attacking domesticated pets like dogs and cats. The raccoon can be rabid and violent at times, notably if they are hungry or threatened. They can attack and injure household pets to fight over food. If you’ve been feeding pets outside, it would be better to start bringing them in, since raccoon can easily smell food and would do everything to get their hands into some food items. Raccoon can be difficult to deal with when they established their den so it is better to proof your home from their intrusions.

Beaver Removal in Birmingham AL

Beaver Removal in Birmingham AL

Beaver Removal in Birmingham AL

Do you think you have a beaver in your property? This mammal is the largest rodent and native in North America. It mainly live in the water and can weigh to as much as 60 pounds. Their length can reach to 4 feet. They have webbed hind feet and hairless flat tail, which basically help them swim more efficiently in the water. Beaver can be difficult to remove if you’re inexperienced, call us for removals.

Squirrel Removal in Birmingham AL

There are many wrong notions in removing squirrels. In Birmingham Alabama, some residents make the mistake to handle these themselves but they often fail most of the time as the squirrels keep on returning. It would be better if you call a specialist in squirrel removal or trapping. The procedure starts with inspection. Most squirrel species we encounter in Birmingham AL can enter in small holes, crevices or entry points, in as small as one 1 inch. If you have no idea on how to look for the entry points, you can call one of our operators to schedule for inspection and treatment.

Armadillo Removal in Birmingham AL

Armadillos are native in America, and can mostly be seen in the southern areas. The armadillo’s habitat includes savanna, prairie and wetlands. Perhaps there’s no other animal that looks weird than the armadillo. They’re a mammal, but they have a shell. Some species of armadillos look bald, but most of them have wiry hairs on their belly and their side. If you need to remove an armadillo, don’t hesitate to call our number.

Bat Removal in Birmingham AL

Bats usually like to roost and cramp in tight, hot spot of a house or a building. Remember that bats do not choose which structure they will enter during the night. As long as they find a good structure, which can offer them warmth in daytime, they will take this as their new habitat. The most common area where they rest is the attic. This can be a house, apartment, hotel, office or farm house. You should never ignore bats since they carry diseases from the insects they consume. In Birmingham Alabama, we provide bat removal, bat exclusion and bat management programs.

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Our other Birmingham AL Wildlife Control Services

Wikipedia - "Sciurus carolinensis -British Columbia, Canada-8" by waferboard; CC BY 2.0 via Commons

Wikipedia – “Sciurus carolinensis -British Columbia, Canada-8” by waferboard; CC BY 2.0 via Commons

We also provide wildlife nuisance animal removal on other creatures like armadillo, hogs, mice, rat, bobcat, chipmunk, woodchuck, snake, beaver, gopher, vole, muskrat, skunk, bird, coyote, fox, mole, groundhog, flying squirrel, and opossum. You can call our representative for inquiries.

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