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(Please call Carrollton TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-466-3290)

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If you require a Carrollton TX wildlife removal for your place, just get in touch with one of our staff. We know the danger on health and human life that disease carrying species can bring to a home. Your children are always at risk. We’ve seen a lot of cases where residents only call for professional wildlife assistance after a person already fell ill. Avoid this mistake; contact our operators in Carrollton right now for appointments.

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Photo Credit: “Carrollton, Texas – Municipal Complex” by drumguy8800 ( CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Carrollton

Once named as the 15th best place to live in the country (by Money Magazine in 2008), Carrollton has a majority of land at 36.3 square miles of land, with only 0.81 square miles of water (2.19%). The city has portions in Collin County, Denton County and Dallas County. It was believed to have been named from Carrollton, Illinois, out of which its very first English settlers once lived. Several parks and nature spots in the city include The Dimension Tract, Furneaux Creek Woodlake Pond, Oakwood Springs Park, Cedar Elm Park, Eisenhower Trail, Ward Steenson Park and Elm Fork Nature Preserve. The city has huge areas of undeveloped land, wetlands, pond, native vegetation and river bottom timber. Some of the frequently seen wildlife species in Carrollton are beavers, fox squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, skunks and eastern cottontails. Several wild birds can also be seen such as sparrows, blue herons, hawks, snowy egrets, horned owls, cardinals and woodpeckers.

Carrollton TX wildlife removal company

Raccoon removal in Carrollton Texas

Living as a generalist species, raccoons will seek three important elements for their daily life namely water, shelter and then food. In rivers with a lot woods, trees and forests, you will see an abundance of raccoons. Raccoons may also seek refuge in houses, as in the case in some households in Carrollton. The animal may cause several inconveniences such as leaving wastes, dropping, feces and urine. These things have been a big problem for home owners.

Skunk removal in Carrollton TX

Skunks can be seen in their dens sleeping mostly in winter. However, the skunks don’t necessarily hibernate the way bats do. Skunks try to preserve their energy since it is practically difficult to find food if the temperature is freezing. Even so, there’s not much food source outdoors since snow is everywhere. Another option for skunks is to go to Carrollton households and communities, which some residents vehemently have to deal with because of the skunk’s bad odor.

Squirrel removal in Carrollton Texas

If there’s any place squirrels frequent the most in a household or any structure, it is the bird feeder. Squirrels would go in great lengths to jump, climb and reach for the feeder. The squirrel would even bite and damage the feeder, as the creature continuously return time and again to get the feeds. For home owners in Carrollton, squirrels bring no benefit as it either damages a household area or it leave wastes and droppings.

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Bat removal in Carrollton Texas

Avoid at all cost any skin contact on bats. Wash yourself as soon as possible whether it is just a slight skin contact, even so if you were bitten by bat. Bats have many viruses and always take precaution. If you see a wildlife removal professional hold a bat, they either have a protective gear or they also have been insured and vaccinated. This is the reason even CDC does not approve that the general public work on removing bats.

Bobcat removal in Carrollton TX

Bobcats can be seen in semi-deserts and forests. In Texas, bobcats frequently roam wooded areas, grasslands and places with lots of trees. Swamplands are also an area which bobcats like to go around. In Carrollton suburbs and neighborhoods with a lot of trees and woods, it is quite common to hear about bobcats entering private properties and commercial establishments. Do not even try to remove a Texas bobcat, this animal have sharp teeth that can seriously injure. You can call our number for removal of a bobcat.

We also have wildlife management and removal on other animals like  bobcat, rats, opossum, snakes, squirrel, birds, raccoons, beaver, skunk, armadillo, bats and other species. For those who need other services like clean-up of animal feces, decontamination, sanitation and dead animal body retrieval, let us know in your inquiries. We also provide full services home damage restoration on crawlspace, attic and other areas. Just inform our staff if you need home proofing and prevention to seal entry spots.

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