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(Please call Cedar Hill TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-291-5181)

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Remove wildlife problems with the help of a Cedar Hill TX wildlife removal professional. Raccoon in the nursery room, squirrels in the attic and a bobcat roaming in a lawn – these are just some of the problems we’ve encountered from households. Many times, the animals enter a property undetected. It could be there’s a ripped hole or a damaged wall in the house. There are ways to prevent and proof a home. If you like to know more on wildlife animal prevention, just give us a call.

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Photo Credit: "Cedar Hill Government Center" by Bubbles5810. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo Credit: “Cedar Hill Government Center” by Bubbles5810. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Cedar Hill

One of the few elevated areas in Dallas, Cedar Hill is made up of land at 35.9 square miles land, with only 0.08 square miles of water (0.26%). The city is known to be the ‘hill county of Dallas’ and is the location of several antennas and towers of local TV and radio stations. Notable equipment in the area is the ‘Christmas-like-blinking’ Pulse Doppler Weather Radar equipment which tracks tornadoes. There are several nature parks and trails in Cedar Hill such as Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve, Dorba Trail, Cedar Hill State Park, Duck Pond Trail, Penn Farm at CH State Park, Talala Trail, Overlook Trail, Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center, Cedar Mountain Nature Preserve and Calabria Nature Preserve. Cedar Hill has some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in Dallas, with several eastern red cedar trees, evergreen trees, wildflowers, native trees, butterfly gardens and pristine forests. The area has diverse wildlife animals and species that freely roam year round.

Cedar Hill TX wildlife removal company

Bat removal in Cedar Hill Texas

Bats may also attack and bite you with no reason. If you were bitten, completely wash the wound as soon as possible. Disinfect the wound with first aid disinfectants. Also, it’s important that you go to a hospital. Bats can be seen frequently in Cedar Hill and has been one of the most frequent calls we receive.

Opossum removal in Cedar Hill TX

The opossum’s name actually has a literal meaning from a Proto-Algonquian word which means a ‘white animal’. It can be traced to as far back to a Powhatan word of Virginia Algonquian language The recorded word are ‘opassom’ and the term ‘aposoum’. Opossums in Cedar Hill are quite common and have often scared many children. These creatures have sharp pointed teeth and can be risky to handle. You can call our staff to remove possums.

Rat removal in Cedar Hill Texas

The muroid family is a group of rodents which include the mouse and rats. Some people call one or the other, often interchanging the name. It is important to note though that a rat in general have a body that is medium to large in size. A mouse is generally smaller. Rat control in Cedar Hill should be done by professionals to save you time and resources. Contact our operators for removal of rats and mouse.

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Bird removal in Cedar Hill Texas

Some scientists have argued that birds can be considered as being the surviving lineage of feathered dinosaurs. Some of the fossil records of early birds can be said to be pre-dated to as far back as 100 million years back, around the same time with the fossil of some dinosaurs in the middle Jurassic period.

Snake removal in Cedar Hill TX

Snakes can be said to have evolved from aquatic lizards and its burrowing species. According to some studies, snakes have around twenty families with more than 3,500 snake sub-species. In Texas alone, you can see different kinds of species of snakes. Some of the residents in Cedar Hill TX are often surprised to learn of the different kinds of species of snakes. Just call our number on the page for snake removal.

We also provide wildlife control on animals that include  opossum, snakes, squirrel, bobcat, rats, skunk, armadillo, beaver, bats, birds, raccoons and other species. Also, we provide clean-up of animal feces, remove dead animals, decontaminate foul odors. In addition, we have services for animal damage repairs and restoration. Contact us as well for blocking and sealing of entry points, home proofing and animal access prevention.

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Contact our staff now in Cedar Hill Texas for wildlife removal of beaver, snake, bird, armadillo, bobcat, raccoon, bat, opossum, skunk, squirrel, and rat.

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