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(Please call Celina TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-382-2121)

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For assistance on wildlife control, let one of our Celina TX wildlife removal experts do the work. Hiring a professional from a wildlife company allows you to successfully manage wildlife animal intrusions in your home. Specialists have broad knowledge on the species and they know the behavior of dangerous animals. Get in touch with our operators for appointment schedules by calling our number on the page.

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Photo Credit: "Celina, Texas" by Nicolas Henderson from Celina, Texas. CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

Photo Credit: “Celina, Texas” by Nicolas Henderson from Celina, Texas. CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Celina TX

Celina Texas is made up of majority of land with 14 square miles land, with only 0.15 square miles of water (1%). A well known road (formerly Preston Road) that runs through the city is State Highway 289. The city currently enjoys development and growth, with the establishment of several high-end retail chains such as Sonic Restaurant and Chevrolet Dealership Showroom. Earlier the city mostly had ranch, agriculture and farm lands, but has seen a sprout of upper scale and middle scale homes, expectedly raising the cost of real estate. However, despite the city developments, the city still has a wide area of nature parks and trails within (and near) the city particularly the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Dayspring Nature Preserve and the Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve.

Celina TX wildlife removal company

Skunk removal in Celina Texas

Before winter comes, skunks will do something to make sure they will survive the cold temperatures. The Texas skunk will most likely eat until they get gigantic fat. The velvety fur animal usually do this in late fall until around early winter in November. The skunk will eat as much as they can since fat is their stored energy in winter. In Celina, don’t be surprised to see fat skunks. We have experiences removing heavy weight skunks around December to January.

Beaver removal in Celina TX

The beaver is mostly active during the evening and rarely do they incessantly move at day time. When the beavers are searching for mates, this leads the beavers to become more aggressive during the day. In Celina Texas, you can observe this behavior on the beavers in ponds or river.

Bobcat removal in Celina Texas

There are many studies on how to classify bobcats according to some subspecies and families. In some papers, bobcats are classified as ‘Felis rufus’. Some would classify bobcats into Lynx rufus, which have the subgenus ‘Felis’. In Celina Texas, you’ll see different sub species of bobcats.

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Armadillo removal in Celina Texas

There are no known bigger predators of armadillos, as this has led to their recent expansion of range in the east coast. The armadillos are also not the usual target of sports hunters. This has so far helped the armadillos preserved its number and further increase its population. The armadillos have quite a big number in Texas. In Celina TX, armadillos are one of the most frequent animals we remove from homes.

Opossum removal in Celina TX

Do you know how the opossum got its name? From opassom and aposoum, which originally came from two colonizers of Jamestown namely William Strachey and John Smith, the animal kept opossum which means a ‘white beast’ from a term of Proto-Algonquian origin. If you need to remove opossums or possums as some people would call, just give us a call through our hotline for Celina TX residents.

We also have wildlife removal for the following animals:  skunk, squirrel, bobcat, opossum, snakes, rats, armadillo, birds, raccoons, beaver, bats and other creatures. In addition, we provide services like cleaning of animal wastes, retrieval of animal carcass, decontamination and removal of bad smell. Our other services also include repairs, restoration, rehabilitation on house areas damaged by animals. We also provide sealants on access points, home proofing and wildlife prevention.

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Call us here in Celina Texas for wildlife removal of bobcat, raccoon, bat, rat, opossum, beaver, snake, bird, armadillo, skunk, and squirrel.

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