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(Please call Colleyville TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 817-743-4522)

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Get in touch with a Colleyville TX wildlife removal company if you have persisting nuisance animal intrusions at home. We understand the many ways a raccoon or a squirrel can enter a house. Raccoons can enter through doors. Squirrels can squeeze their way in the slightest window opening. Damages in your roof, ceiling or gutter can also be an entry point.

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Colleyville TXWildlife in Colleyville TX

Colleyville has a wealthy community in its majority land area made up of 13.1 square miles land, with only 0.08% water. A part of Tarrant County is just 3 miles from Dallas International Airport. The city started as a rural settlement in the Cotton Belt Route known to be Branford. Later in 1880, Union Army physician Dr. Lilburn Colley resided in the place. In 1914, the community decided to rename the town as ‘Colleyville’ in honor of Dr.Colley. This affluent has its period of continuous growth, but have since kept its nature areas. Some of the most visited attractions are Colleyville Nature Center, City Park, Cotton Belt Trail, Kidsville, Kimzey Park, McPherson Park.

Colleyville TX wildlife removal company

Raccoon removal in Colleyville Texas

Raccoon’s have similar tracks to other wildlife animals, particularly, the tracks of opossums. If seen closely, raccoon and opossum share similar physical traits in their toes. Both animals have five toes on all their feet. This is why the track of opossum can be confused to be from a raccoon and vice versa. In Colleyville, tracks of both animals can be clearly noticed in parks and nature trails. Home owners also confuse the tracks of both animals, and would only get a clear idea after a thorough inspection from wildlife professional.

Beaver removal in Colleyville TX

In the beaver’s daily life, they are most of the time awake at night time. The beaver is not as active during the day. However, in a breeding season, the beaver starts to become aggressive as they search for a mate. In Texas, expect beavers to be most active during fall as they prepare incessantly for winter. You can see beavers coming back and forth from trees, as the animal cut and starts building their dam. In Colleyville, problems brought by beavers are flooding and stagnant water.

Skunk removal in Colleyville Texas

Skunks do not hibernate like what most people sometimes believe. The black and white animal may look like they are hibernating since they can be seen sleeping in their den all day during winter, but they do not hibernate. The skunks in Colleyville for instance just sleep to conserve energy. You can see skunks walk around, but most of the time they are resting in their dens. If you need skunk removal, contact one of our staff through our hotline.

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Opossum removal in Colleyville Texas

Known to other people as ‘white dog’, the opossum’s present name can be traced to two sixteenth century words which were recorded by a pair of Jamestown invaders. Recorded by John Smith and Will Strachey, opossum can be traced to the words ‘aposoum’ and ‘opassom’ which has a meaning from the Virginia Algonquia languages as a white animal beast. In case you need to remove an opossum, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Snake removal in Colleyville TX

In winter, snakes tend to go into dormant state, or a temporary inactivity. Contrary to animals that hibernates or sleeps in the cold months (like bats); snakes don’t sleep for longer periods. Instead, snake are fully awake but ‘brumate'(become dormant or inactive) in some rocks, tree roots, burrows or logs. If a snake finds itself with no definite natural habitat, it may proceed into houses. Snakes are just one of the feared animals by people. You would need a wildlife professional that can handle snake. Let us know through our hotline in Colleyville, if you need to remove a snake.

We also provide wildlife control for the following species: beaver, bats, snakes, rats, bobcat, opossum, armadillo, birds, raccoons, skunk, squirrel and other dangerous animals. For other wildlife services, we also provide clean-up of animal feces, dead animal removal, sanitation and foul odor removal. Also, we have other services like restoration and repair on house areas that has been damaged by animals. Areas include attic, crawlspaces, ceiling, etc. We can also provide proofing and sealing of access points.

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Send a message to our staff now in Colleyville Texas for wildlife management of armadillo, bobcat, raccoon, beaver, opossum, skunk, squirrel, rat, snake, bird, and bat.

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