Collin County TX Wildlife Removal

(Please call Collin County TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-547-5100)

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Let one of our Collin County TX wildlife removal specialist deal with nuisance animals in your property. We can handle opossum, armadillo, skunk, raccoon, squirrel and many other dangerous animals. Our range includes cities, towns, and communities in Collin County Texas. Just call our number to confirm availability for areas outside and surrounding Collin.

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Photo Credit: "Collin county tx courthouse" by Larry D. Moore. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo Credit: “Collin county tx courthouse” by Larry D. Moore. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Collin County

Collin County Texas is made up of majority of land area at 841 square miles land, with 45 square miles water (5%). It’s the seventh populated county in Texas. Some of the major highways in the place are US Highway 380 and US Highway 75. Some of the most frequently visited parks and nature areas in the county are Bratonia Park, Sister Grove Park, Parkhill Prairie, Sister Grove Trail, Myers Park, Trinity Trail. Collin County has huge acres of grassland parks, tall grass prairie, wild flowers, hiking trail and lush fields. The Trinity Trail for instance has more or less 300 acre of land which serves as a wildlife sanctuary. In here you can see habitats of wetlands, upland forest, Blackland prairie, and white rock escarpment and bottomland forests.

Collin County TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Collin County Texas

Squirrels cause problems to home owners, particularly to those with lawns and gardens. The small creature usually digs new flower bulbs and then hides their food like nuts and seeds. The soil is often damaged and ruined by squirrels. The squirrels hide their food to prepare for winter.

Bat removal in Collin County TX

The transmission of rabies from bats can happen in many ways. The most common way is to get rabies from the bite of a bat. However, if the saliva of the mammal enters your body in another opening, you can still get infected. These openings include nose, eyes and mouth.

Raccoon removal in Collin County Texas

If there are two animals that can confuse the tracks from the other, it has to be the raccoon and the opossum. Both wildlife creatures have similar feet, where it has five toes. Observe how the two walk and you’ll also see similarities in the walking style of the opossum and the raccoon.

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Rat removal in Collin County Texas

The family of rodents called muroid has wide and broad members and subspecies. Basically, big rodents are being called rats. This has been the case for city rats. The mouse on the other hand is generally small. The two can easily be distinguished because of the significant difference in size.

Beaver removal in Collin County TX

The beaver stays within a certain half mile radius where they confine and limit their food gathering activities. This is the normal range of territory far from the dam of another beaver. Rarely do you see two dams from two different beavers that are very near.

Armadillo removal in Collin County Texas

Armadillos rarely move to the north for the reason that they don’t have the capability to survive extreme winter. If an armadillo manage to step into winter environment, they would most likely die because they don’t have insulation in the body.

Skunk removal in Collin County TX

One characteristic you will notice on skunks during winter is how they seem to get chubby fat. Skunks in Collin County actually become voracious eaters before winter season. Their fat has a specific purpose for the animal since the fat layers become their energy in freezing climate where they have trouble on finding their food.

We also provide wildlife management for the following animals: beaver, armadillo, birds, rats, bobcat, opossum, raccoons, skunk, squirrel, bats, snakes, and other dangerous species. Other wildlife company services include clean-up of animal wastes, dead animal retrieval, decontamination, foul smell removal, house restoration, home repair, wildlife animal proofing and sealing of entry points.

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Collin County TX Wildlife Removal
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