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(Please call Collinsville IL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 618-344-2131)

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Welcome to Collinsville IL wildlife removal for your exclusion and management of beavers, rodent and squirrel. For other wild animals like bats, skunk, raccoon and others, we’re also providing removal services. Just call our number to schedule inspections and visits in your place.

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Collinsville Illinois wildlife removal and wildlife control on bats bird armadillo rat squirrel beaver raccoon opossum mole skunk miceWildlife in Collinsville Illinois

Collinsville has one of the most interesting festivities in Illinois with the Horseradish Festival. It also has the world’s largest catsup bottle, as a roadside landmark, as identified by National Register of Historic Places. The city is mostly made up of land at 14.6 square miles or 98.7% land. Water is only at 1.3% or 0.19 square miles. The city, however, is near to Illinois surrounding forest and ranges which account to several wildlife habitat.

Collinsville IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Collinsville IL

The Illinois raccoons belong to the same order like that of the ‘Carnivora’, which all include badgers, cats, dogs and bears. This animal order is carnivores, which hunt meat food sources. However, raccoons are highly adaptable than their ‘carnivore’ cousins, since the raccoon animal can also eat plant based food like vegetables, fruits and leaves. Raccoon are known to be opportunistic, since they adjust their diet into their territory. To extract a raccoon, you would need a wildlife specialist.

Squirrel Removal in Collinsville IL

Even if squirrels are known to roam around and live in trees, forest and nature areas, residents in Illinois have their share of problems with the Sciuridae animal. Squirrels can often found their way in gardens of homes, with some even finding their way inside houses. If this happen, it’s because difficult to extract squirrels, especially if you have no experience in handling wildlife species. It would better if you call a specialist on squirrels.

Bat Removal in Collinsville IL

One of the myths often associated with bats are that they are blind. They are actually not blind. The bats just do not use their eyes as their primary faculty in their everyday life. Some people wonder how the bats fly if they do not primarily use their eyes? Well, these flying mammals actually use echolocation. It is a highly specialized skill, where they send off sonar’s which bounces off in the environment, helping them in navigation. To exclude a bat in your home, call one of our representatives today.

Our Other Collinsville IL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Collinsville IL

Beavers have been known to create their dam, near bodies of water. Even if this looks natural and indeed it part of the way of nature, the dams causes flooding and even damages in plantation if left uncontrolled. Don’t let one beaver ruin your whole landscape. It is not easy to remove a beaver and it would be better if you call an expert on the animal.

Skunk Removal in Collinsville IL

Skunks in Illinois can be recognized by their triangle shape head. This extends into their round and ball shaped nose. The skunk has beady small black eyes and small round ears. Their size is around the same length and weight of an average sized cat. For removal of skunk, call us in our number.

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