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(Please call Columbia IL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 618-281-5151)

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If you require Columbia IL wildlife removal on rodent, mice, squirrel or opossum, please call us. We also have exclusion services to remove other indigenous animals from Illinois. We have experts on raccoon, beaver and bat. For other creatures or species, kindly ask our staff.

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A city in St. Clair County, Columbia IL has a small area, but with notable history. The city is known to live with the motto ‘Good for business, good for life’. With land around 10.4 square miles at 99.3% of total area, it only has 0.7% water or 0.07 square miles. The city reflects the urban sprawl, but still kept its wide-ranging nature and natural landscape.

Columbia IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Columbia IL

An interesting trivia about the raccoons that can be found in Illinois is on how they make sounds. A raccoon can often be heard growling and even snarling when hey search for food. They are sometimes heard with these sounds when their sleeping. However, an interesting vocal sound they make is the whistle screeching sound just like the owl. Try to hear closely how a raccoon make a sound. However, do not touch them. If there’s a raccoon inside your building, call an Illinois specialist to remove them.

Squirrel Removal in Columbia IL

The Illinois squirrels, the most common species we have removed in households and facilities include the ground squirrels and the tree squirrels. We also have experience in handling flying squirrels. These creatures sometimes enter houses and establishments through pet doors, opened windows and cracks. These animals are furry and flexible, which help them squeeze their way even in small areas or holes. The best way to deal with squirrel intrusion is by proofing.

Bat Removal in Columbia IL

Bats like to consume insects, exclusively. The mammal species mostly into insects are the microbats. They can eat many types of
insects from mosquitoes, bugs, flies and spiders. Some bats prefer
insects like moths, which are larger insects compared to the mosquitoes, and this helps the bats preserve energy in hunting for food. The microbats uses the technique called echolocation, a type of sonar sound wave, to find the insects as they fly in the dark. If you need a bat exclusion, give us a call.

Other Columbia IL Wildlife Control Services

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Beaver Removal in Columbia IL

A beaver in your property, if found, is quite common so don’t be surprised. Some people get irritated having a beaver roaming around their property. Since a beaver likes to cut branches, twigs and barks of trees, the animal can cause damages to plants and trees if not controlled. Don’t let that happen. This can be handled and prevented with wildlife management from a wildlife control company.

Skunk Removal in Columbia IL

The skunks seen in Illinois are glossy black and with stripes of white at their back. The striped white fur extend from the forehead to their nose. They also have somewhat of another patch of white fur in their neck. This extends and splits into their shoulders into the back of their sides. Remove a skunk in Columbia IL with the help of a professional by calling our number.

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Critters and nuisance animals pose health risk. Call us in Columbia Illinois for a local wildlife control company.

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