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(Please call Columbus OH Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 614-645-4545 )

Columbus OH Wildlife Removal

Welcome to Columbus OH wildlife removal for all your wildlife control, trapping, animal removal, animal damage repair, attic insulation and attic restoration in Columbus Ohio. We also provide wildlife management services in surrounding cities and communities of Columbus and Franklin County that includes Bexley, Canal Winchester, Groveport, Dublin OH, Gahanna, Hilliard, Grandview Heights OH, New Albany, Grove City, Reynoldsburg OH, Westerville, Pickerington, Worthington, Upper Arlington and Whitehall Ohio.

Here are some of the wildlife company services we provide:

* Ohio wildlife removal company
* Squirrel removal and trapping
* Columbus OH raccoon removal
* Protection, proofing and sealing of entry points
* Animal damage repair services
* Crawlspace clean-up and remediation
* Exclusion barriers, cap and screening
* Raccoon feces cleaning and removal
* Preventive repair for houses
* Attic restoration and attic insulation
* Cleaning, decontamination and sanitation

Common areas and places we work on include: roof, chimney, gutter, crawlspace, attic, siding, ceiling, gap, duct, wall, hole, soffit, vent, interior wall, construction gap, trim area, roof leak, porch, roof line, dormer, deck, garage, shed, kitchen, basement, steeple, warehouse, facilities, storage areas and barns.

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Wildlife in Columbus Ohio

Columbus OH is the second largest metro area in Ohio after Cleveland. It is the 3rd biggest city in Central U.S., and has the 4th largest population for a state capital in the country. The city is named after explorer Christopher Columbus. As the county seat of Franklin County and the state capital of Ohio, Columbus has diverse geography. Columbus, which is made up of 217 square miles of land and 6 kilometers of water, has numerous nature and natural landscape from the Olentangy River, Scioto River and Big Walnut Creek. Open parks and nature trails include Whetstone Park, Highbanks Metro Park, Park of Roses and Chadwick Arboretum. Columbus Zoo and Audubon Nature Center can also be seen, which have made Columbus a large roaming ground for wildlife animals.

Columbus OH Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Columbus OH

The male raccoons are territorial in nature. This means they have their own home range, which is around 1-1.5 miles diameter. If the Ohio male raccoons found themselves in a group, this is because they are protecting their mates (female raccoons). Also, raccoons may group together during rainy season and snow season, where they enter houses in Columbus OH. We can assist you in removal of raccoons, contact us for details.

Squirrel Removal in Columbus Ohio

Scientifically called Tamiassciurus hudsonicus, this Ohio tree squirrels species is lightweight in size than the gray squirrel. These squirrels have reddish hair, in combination with brown, gray and maroon. The red fur however is the dominant shade in their body. These squirrels are sometimes known as ‘red squirrels’. However these squirrels can be nuisance, so you can’t take them for granted even if they have the colorful fur. We can help you remove these squirrels in Columbus, just call us today.

Attic Restoration in Columbus OH

Animal damages on the attic may require the need of professional work. After the wild animals have been removed, consider that there’s still an entry point in your home which other Ohio wildlife animals will use to get inside your house. You should always ask a wildlife company if they also provide attic rehabilitation aside from animal removal. If not, you should have the attic restored immediately with a Columbus OH attic restoration specialist.

Attic Restoration in Columbus OH

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Animal Damage Repair in Columbus Ohio

If you made inquiries on wildlife removal companies in Ohio, you may have observed some have specialized services, while some provide complete wildlife service offerings. For example, one company specializes in removal of raccoons or they only provide squirrel removal. Other wildlife companies can provide other procedures, such as animal trapping, control, soiled insulation, cleaning of feces and structure repair. You can ask the professional about these services. In Columbus OH, we can provide you wildlife services like repair, restoration, decontamination and cleaning, just call our number for inquiries.

Wildlife removal for nearby areas in Columbus Ohio:

Franklin County, 43224, 43207, 43123, 43026, Grove City, Amlin, Lockbourne, Hamilton, Franklin, Lake Darby, Groveport, Obetz, Brown, Valleyview, Marble Cliff, Columbus OH 43017, 43081, 43230, 43232, 43068, Blacklick, Blendon,  Madison, Grandview Heights, Georgesville, Norwich, Huber Ridge, Prairie, Brice, Canal Winchester, New Albany, Mifflin, Lincoln Village, Dublin, Plain, Bexley, New Rome, Truro, Minerva Park, Columbus Ohio wildlife control in 43215, 43228, 43221, 43214, 43220, 43212, Darbydale, Clinton, Pleasant, Reynoldsburg, Jackson, Harrisburg, Gahanna, Upper Arlington, Montgomery, Washington,  Pickerington, Jefferson, Flint, Urbancrest, Columbus, Riverlea, Blacklick Estates, Galloway, Hilliard, Westerville, Sharon, Perry, Worthington, Whitehall, 43223, 43204, 43119, 43016, 43235, 43085, 43202, 43219, 43211, 43213, 43213, Franklin County Ohio.

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Wildlife animals like raccoons and squirrels are difficult to remove and control. Professionals usually have wildlife control methods for specific situations so it’s better to get their services for problems in wildlife. We can help you with strategies on how to deal with wildlife animals, just call our number in Columbus Ohio for details.

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