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You don’t have to stress yourself with stubborn wildlife animals that are difficult to expel and that keeps coming back to your home time and again. We provide Concord NH wildlife removal to help you remove nuisance animals, seal entry points and prevent undomesticated creatures from entering your house. We also provide wildlife removal and prevention services for businesses in Concord in Merrimack County. Call us in wildlife control hotline for questions, quotes and scheduling.

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Wildlife in Concord

In the midst of Concord’s city development, wildlife areas and forests has been conserved and preserved for the town’s nature hiking residents. Picnic shelters, walking trails, skateboard areas and softball field is a popular recreational spots for local tourists and visitors. Kiwanis Riverfront, Beaver Meadow and Healy Park are known destinations for everyone. However, indigenous and undomesticated species has often been seen displaced into downtown Concord NH, as well as in its villages and urban sprawl.

Concord NH Wildlife Removal Services

Flying Squirrel Removal in Concord NH

One of the common animals we remove is flying squirrels. Here are some facts on these creatures. The young flying squirrels are often born without hair and fur, except for some whiskers. Also, they barely have fully functioning senses. If seen closely, the young flying squirrels show some internal organs through their skin. These animals developed completely around 5-6 weeks where they forage on their own. Adult flying squirrels like to jump from one tree to another, though it may end up inside households by entering open windows and attics.

Raccoon Removal in Concord NH

The raccoon’s sense of vision is not considered as of prime importance in the animal’s everyday living, since they’re colour-blind and generally nearsighted. Raccoons though can see in the dark. Along with their ‘night vision’ eyesight, the raccoons also depend with their sense of smell and sense of touch when they roam at night. In our inspections in Concord NH, most raccoons enter homes through the back door or pet door of properties.

Beaver Removal in Concord NH

Beaver Removal in Concord NH

Beaver Removal in Concord NH

How much do you know about Concord NH beavers? A beaver likes to cut down tree branches and uses it with grass, twigs, shoots, barks, leaves, mud and rocks to create their dam. The animal use their sharp incisors to cut down the wooden parts of the trees and then use their strong front paws to dig, and place the materials they gathered for their dam. Beavers are not easy to remove in a property. We recommend you call a local beaver specialist to help you solve the problem.

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Our other Concord NH Wildlife Control services

Bird Removal

Here are some bird facts. Bird species are primarily spread and distributed in variety of ways. Some species are introduced by humans, deliberately, in several areas to have wide scope of distribution of the bird species. Some birds are introduced in certain places incidentally, such as if it escapes preservation or captivity. Some bird species however still spread naturally beyond their range.

Mole Removal

Have you seen a mole up close? The polydactyl forepaws of a mole interestingly have an extra thumb known as prepollex, just next to their regular thumb. Even if the other digits of the animal have multiple joints, the prepollex thumb only have one sickle shaped bone which full developed as the mole mature.

Rat Removal

Rats are known carriers of different viruses and zoonotic pathogens. The rats are to blame for a number of these disease transmissions to humans such as Toxoplasma gondii, Leptospira the micro-organism Yersinia pestis which causes the plague Black Death. Remove rats and have rat control in your home in Concord NH to prevent such occurrence of bacterial infections

Groundhog Removal

Known to be territorial even to their own species, groundhogs will often fight other groundhogs if they feel threatened in their territory. The animal mostly stays inside their burrow to rest or feed, and if it is outside, it becomes alert and on guard against invaders.

Muskrat Removal

Muskrats can be identified with their long tail, covered with scales instead of fur which primarily helps them swim in the water. The tail is vertically flat, a unique shape for muskrats. If the animal walks on land, they usually drag their tail on the ground which allows for their tracks to be easily seen.

Opossum Removal

Here are some facts on opossum reproduction. Female opossums are marsupials, which show their reproductive system with a divided uterus and a ‘pouch’, the marsupium. The opossum female usually menstruate for 28 days, and has a short lived placenta. This allows the young to be born early around two weeks, but goes to the marsupium to be nursed by the mother opossum.

Skunk Removal

The skunks we remove in Concord NH often find its way in lawns, gardens and backyards. An omnivore, the skunk usually digs holes in the soil to find worms and grubs. According to some studies, skunks are also known as a honeybee predator and have their thick fur to protect them from the bee stings.

Squirrel Removal

The squirrels generally don’t like spring season, since this is the time when everything shoots and sprouts. Known to be food savers, they often lose all the nuts they bury underground since everything start bursting from the soil. There are not much food items for squirrels in spring and they depend mostly on buds and some cones during this time.

Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

The bats are known to fall prey to bigger predators like falcons and hawks. However, not all hawks and falcons hunt bats, and only some are bat-devouring bird species. Mostly, the bats that fall prey are microbats and these are the ones which didn’t make their roost in the daylight.

Wildlife animals need to be solved the soonest and should not be brushed aside or pushed for another day or week. There’s always a chance of danger and health risks of deadly diseases transmitted to humans in every passing hour. You may want to have a ready contact on a local wildlife removal company in Concord New Hampshire just in case you see one of the animals we mentioned. Save our number below for future reference, as well as refer us to other people who have problems in nuisance wild animals.

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