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(Please call Coppell TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-304-3600)

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We’re a local Coppell TX wildlife removal company with experiences in handling bobcats, squirrel, armadillo, raccoon and other wildlife animals. Don’t attempt on handling undomesticated animals if you don’t know how. There’s always a danger on getting bitten from the creature. You’re at risk on getting infection if you an animal bite you. Just let a professional in wildlife do the work, call us now.

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Coppell TXWildlife in Coppell TX

Coppell is composed of a lot of land, around 14.4 square miles of land, with only 0.31 square miles of water (2%). Located in Dallas County, with parts in Denton, the city is near to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Its history can be traced to the 1840’s with settlers from French and German settlers. The initial name of the place is Gibbs Station in honor of Texas first lieutenant governor Barnett Gibbs. Eventually it was renamed in 1892 to Coppell in honor of English wealthy businessman George Coppell. Currently, the city enjoys economic development and city growth, but still able to keep and maintain large areas of wildlife habitats. Some of these nature parks include Biodiversity Education Center, Coppell Nature Park, Andrew Brown Park East, Wagon Wheel Park, Grape Vine Springs Park and Nature Park. Different types of wildlife animals are seen in Coppell like bobcats, coyotes and hawks.

Coppell TX wildlife removal company

Squirrel removal in Coppell Texas

Squirrels are one of the main causes of damages in houses. Almost all species of squirrels like to gnaw and chew different areas of home structure. Some of the common damaged spots by squirrels are roof, ceiling, siding, attics and walls.

Bat removal in Coppell TX

Any person whether an adult or a child can get rabies from bats. You can get in virus either through the mammal’s bite or if the saliva of the bat enters a wound in your body. There’s also a chance the rabies infection of the bat to get through the eyes, mouth or nose of a person.

Skunk removal in Coppell Texas

Skunks will only go out of their den in winter, one or two times a day. Since there’s not much to gather around when snow covers the ground, this wildlife animal’s only recourse is to sleep in their den all day. However, even if they sleep, they don’t really hibernate. Skunks will only go out, when weather becomes favorable.

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Beaver removal in Coppell Texas

In winter, you will notice beavers are not as active compared to their level of activity in warm months. In the cold season, the beaver stay in dam. As soon as you see the ice starts to melt in spring, you’ll again start to see a flurry of activity from the semi aquatic animal.

Rat removal in Coppell TX

A lot of people sometimes call rodent species specific to their size. If a rodent is small, it is usually called mouse. However, if the rodent they found is medium (or bigger), it is a rat. Important to note however, that the names of rat and mouse are not scientifically limited to the size. There are mouse species larger (or same size) with rats and there are rats species smaller than certain mouse species. For rat removal, mice removal and rodent control in Coppell Texas, just call our staff for inquiries and appointments.

We also provide wildlife removal on other species like skunk, armadillo, beaver, squirrel, bobcat, rats, bats, opossum, snakes, birds, raccoons and other animals. We also provide services such as clean-up of animal droppings, removal of animal carcass, sanitation, removal of foul odors, animal damage repairs, attic restoration, sealing of access points, home proofing and animal entry prevention.

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