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(Please call Crown Point Animal Control for all your domestic animal issues, including dogs and cats at 219- 663-2131)

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If you’re in need of wildlife removal services in Crown Point IN, contact us at our number. We provide wild animal removal and “house proofing” on untamed creatures like bats, squirrels and raccoons in Crown Point and nearby cities. If you can’t identify an undomesticated animal intruder in your home, you can call us for questions and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Wildlife in Crown Point Indiana

Known as the “hub of Lake County”, Crown Point ripples with history and notable landscapes, as evidenced within the Lake County Fairground. Just near the southern tip, the natural landscapes include tree covered hills and nature trails. The grounds regularly bring in locals and visitors to the Lake County Fair, a large state fair in Indiana. Festivities abound throughout the year, bringing out the best of Crown Point as presented by residents and the community.

Still, the lots, woods and grass around the place make it a natural attraction for untamed and indigenous animals like raccoons, skunks, squirrels and bats. Don’t make the mistake and assume wildlife animals are afraid to go to a city like Crown Point. The fact: several Crown Point employers and residents already reported wild animal intrusions!

Crown Point IN Wildlife Removal Services

Bat Removal in Crown Point IN

Bats can be mysterious to a lot of people, for some (notably in the past); they even associate bats with evil and darkness. In part, this can be true. Nocturnal in nature, majority of bats like to come out during the night. In pop culture, this has associated bats with fictional creations such as Dracula and DC comics’ Batman. However, there is one thing the general public need to know about bats – which can directly relate to their everyday life – bats carry with them (and spread) lethal pathogens, mutated viruses and deadly diseases.

CDC issued guidelines on bat control and management, so the public would know how to deal with it if they found one. Basically, bat control starts with regular maintenance and cleaning since bats likes to stay in dark places. At home, you may want to regularly check storage rooms. Other places like high ceilings, upper decks and roof can also be places which bats will most likely nest. You can call a bat removal company to help you remove the creature.

Squirrel Trapping – Squirrel Removal in Crown Point IN

Squirrels, as small and cute they can be for children, shouldn’t be allowed at your home. This also applies especially if you have dogs in the house. Squirrels can disturb your pets with the sound it makes and can surely attract the attention of pets. They might be running your place down since your dog might chase the squirrel all over.

There are many procedures that can be done to remove squirrels, though squirrel trapping is the common application. If you need a squirrel service in Crown Point, send us a message through our contact page or just give us a ring on the number below this page.

Raccoon Removal in Crown Point IN

Considered as quite stubborn, perhaps because of their perceived intelligent nature, the interaction of raccoons and humans has increased recently because of their seeming adaptability in urban cities. The reactions of raccoons with people around can vary, but one thing certain is they can be violent.

Raccoons can be aggressive in nature if they feel threatened or if they lack food. If a raccoon found shelter in a dwelling, because of bad weather, you might have a hard time ousting them out. In cases such as this, you need the help of a wildlife animal removal company. In Crown Point, you can call our number for inquiries and questions on the procedures you can take.

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