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(Please call Cullman AL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 256-734-1434)

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For Cullman AL wildlife removal on animal problems that include bats, squirrels, beavers, raccoons, armadillos and other wild creatures, call our phone operators in Cullman Alabama. We provide wildlife control and management for households and businesses. Don’t put off problems on critters, deal with them immediately.

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Wildlife in Cullman AL

Cullman is part of Cullman County, which is near two of the major cities in Alabama, Huntsville in the south and Birmingham in the north. The city is made up of 19.4 square miles land or 94.19%. Water makes up 5.8% or 1.2 square miles. Nature areas in Cullman include watersheds Black Warrior River and Tennessee River. Mountains and ranges include Appalachian Mountains and Sand Mountain which are regular attractions for wildlife creatures.

Cullman AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Cullman AL

Considered to have a variety of huge relationship in most living things in nature, raccoons are omnivorous and very flexible when they eat. They can munch some black oak and even poison ivy. They can also have cauliflowers, broccoli, water lilies and red cedar. If there’s not much vegetation, they can shift their diet as carnivores and have some muskrats, frogs, mice, birds, turtles, fish and eggs. Do you have a raccoon inside a house, call our number.

Bat Removal in Cullman AL

If you’ve seen a bat sleep hanging upside down, there’s a reason for it. They usually remain on this position while sleeping in caves (or even in your roof) because their legs have lightweight bones. This means they cannot support their whole body if they stand upright, the same way birds do. As soon as they hang upside down, they usually wrap themselves with their stretchable membrane wings ad then take their nap. For bat exclusion services, you can call our number on the page.

Squirrel Removal in Cullman AL

Photo credit: Genista / Foter / CC BY-SA

Squirrel Removal in Cullman AL

Most problems caused by squirrels are damages in property, both inside and outside of a structure. A squirrel can damage a garden by constant digging and burrowing, which destroy soil quality. If a squirrel be able to enter a house, they gnaw couch, bed and wooden furniture. They can also knock off flower bases, picture frames or lamps. Squirrels can also break glasses, cups and dishes. Give us a call to remove squirrels.

Our other Cullman AL Wildlife Control Services

Armadillo Removal in Cullman AL

One of the major physical characteristic of the armadillo mammal is the nine bands, hard shells. They have tough armored shoulders and strong large claws on their feet. With these claws, they use it often to dig burrows and find larvae for their food. Armadillos can cause major soil damages, call us in Cullman for removal of the critter.

Beaver Removal in Cullman AL

The animal beaver is known for their proficiency in building dams. Some experts likened the beaver’s dam building as an architectural skill. The way a beaver build their dam: they first follow the sound of water stream. After establishing the right spot to build dam, they start cutting trees, branches, barks and wood. They would start stockpiling these materials (along with their food, they also eat tree barks) into a dome like habitat. The beavers behaviors can cause flooding and damages in landscape. Give us a call to remove a beaver.

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If you need to clean some droppings, remove some critters or proof a building or house, you can call our staff in Cullman.

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