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In Decatur Morgan County and parts in Limestone County, we provide Decatur AL wildlife removal services for businesses and households needing immediate solutions for wildlife animal problems on beaver, armadillo, rodent, bat, bird, raccoon, squirrel and other undomesticated animals. Some questions our operators receive on a daily basis:

* How do I remove bat in the attic?
* Solutions to squirrel intrusions?
* How do I remove a raccoon inside our house?
* Where can I call a professional animal trapper?

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Wildlife in Decatur AL

Decatur in Morgan County and parts in Limestone County has one of the most populated cities in Alabama and has been called “The River City” as it is located along Tennessee River, along the banks of Wheeler Lake. Much of its wildlife activity can be traced on its proximity to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. Some of the animals that often get lost in Decatur include skunks, squirrels, rats, mice, migratory birds, geese, snake and many others.

Decatur AL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Decatur AL

A lot has been said of the characteristics of raccoons, but they have been widely known as very nimble and agile. With their strong claws, they can climb trees or even houses. Interestingly, they can also descend, with their head first. Also, they can survive a high drop, from as high as 40 feet. The raccoons are also known to run fast when chased by a bigger predator. If needed, they can also swim. If they found themselves cornered, their far from being soft and would viciously fight another animal. Do you need a raccoon removal, just call our number.

Bat Removal in Decatur AL

If you wonder how bats fly, they are actually the mammal considered to accomplish true flight. Their wings are made of bones similar to the human hand and that is why some zoologists playfully say that the bat wings are actually the hands of the bats. These wings are actually made of thin, but very strong membrane, with velvety soft skin that stretches from the mammal’s back and legs, quite similar to the fabric that stretches in your umbrella. If you would need to remove a bat, just get in touch with us.

Squirrel Removal in Decatur AL

If you’re a garden owner and never had any problems with squirrels, then you’re one lucky garden owner. Squirrels have been one of the most frequent problems by Decatur residents with gardens, orchards or lawns. The problems with squirrels are that they seem to enjoy digging freshly planted bulbs, while swapping nuts, acorns and seeds they’ve gathered elsewhere. You would need to apply an effective solution to prevent squirrels from digging.

Beaver Removal in Decatur AL

Beaver Removal in Decatur AL

Armadillo Removal in Decatur AL

If there’s an armadillo within your property, whether it hangs around your garden or lawn, you may want to remove the animal as soon as possible. That is if you don’t like to have leprosy, which has reportedly been transmitted by the shelled animal.

Beaver Removal in Decatur AL

Plants and trees are the ones vulnerable in nature if a beaver is living nearby. Beavers may sometimes like aquatic plants, clover and seaweed. However, they are mostly drawn to willows, poplars, alders or cottonwood, cutting short the growing trees. Beavers can be difficult to remove and you would need someone who is an expert to remove the animal.

Our other Decatur AL Wildlife Control Services

Removal services for other creatures that include bobcat, flying squirrel, chipmunk, snake, muskrat, gopher, mice, beaver, fox, bird, mole, woodchuck, hogs, coyote, vole, groundhog, skunk, rat, opossum, armadillo, and other animals.

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Wildlife animals present problems beyond ordinary solutions. Call us for effective wildlife control procedures.

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