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(Please call Delaware OH Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 740-203-1111)

Delaware OH Wildlife Removal

We provide wildlife control and animal damage repair services on Delaware OH wildlife removal in Delaware Ohio and nearby communities, suburbs and towns. Get solutions for your wildlife problems by getting in touch with our wildlife removal professionals on squirrels and raccoons. We’re licensed and insured wildlife company that specializes in removal, proofing, insulation, prevention on wildlife animals, notably squirrels and raccoons. In Delaware OH, these creatures are the most common concerns of residents.

 Some of the frequent inquiries we get include:

* What is the safe way to remove raccoon?
* What is the effective way to remove squirrels?
* How to proof house against critters?
* What is a good wildlife company in Delaware OH?
* How to prevent wildlife animals at home?

Our Delaware OH wildlife company services currently offer specialists and expert work on raccoons and squirrels. If the wild animals have left feces, droppings or wastes, we can provide professional assistance for clean-up, removal, sanitation and decontamination. Our team of wildlife pros can also provide specialize procedures for preventive repairs, insulation and proofing on house areas like attics, chimneys, roof, sidings, walls, vents, basements and other gaps. We can help you with sealing, blocking and closing methods.

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Wildlife in Delaware Ohio

Located near Central Ohio, just north of Columbus OH, Delaware Ohio has an abundant history having been named from the Delaware Indians or the Lenape Tribe. Delaware OH is largely made of land at 18.95 square miles land, with just 0.12 square miles water. The place is notable for having the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University, one of the top Liberal Arts colleges in the U.S. With grass lands, campus arboretums and mini forests, Delaware OH sometimes becomes a refuge for wildlife creature native in Ohio.

Delaware OH Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Delaware Ohio

Raccoons can have flexible food menu, such as they can eat animals as well as plants. Some of the small animals they eat are young birds and eggs. There are times Ohio raccoons would prey into nests. If they can’t find animals, they would eat plants and fruits. Recently, Delaware vegetable garden owners started having problems on raccoons.

Squirrel Removal in Delaware OH

Ground squirrels and southern flying squirrels may be known to eat nuts, but they don’t necessarily get the nuts on every season. Some of the common nuts consumed by squirrels and southern flying squirrels are hickory, acorns and walnuts, which become ripe and fall to the ground during summer. In late winter and spring, most of the squirrels ran out of their stored nuts in their cache. In spring they would consume flower bulbs and sometimes tree barks. Delaware OH homeowners notably have problems with squirrels digging up new bulbs.

Attic Restoration in Delaware Ohio

If Ohio wildlife animals keep on returning to your house even after you’ve removed them, chances are you still have an opening spot in your home. Even so, after removal or exclusion, a damaged wall in the attic or a tear down sidings would be an open invitation for creatures like raccoon or squirrel to enter. We provide attic insulation and restoration in Delaware Ohio, just call us for details.

Attic Restoration in Delaware Ohio

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Animal Damage Repair in Delaware OH

The sidings of a house provide more than just an exterior design. Your engineer or architect may provide a good texture or color, but you may want to consider applying siding insulation. You can talk to your Ohio wildlife professional company to determine the best material that can prevent wildlife animals and even pestilence from intruding into your house. For an animal damage repair specialist, just contact our operators.

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Wildlife animals can be damaging creatures because of their sharp teeth and claws. You certainly don’t want critters in your home, call us in Delaware Ohio.

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