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It’s our pleasure to open our wildlife control trunk line to home owners and residents of Derry, Rockingham. I have received numerous requests from residents to provide a full service Derry NH wildlife removal in Derry, for various nuisance animals and wildlife waste removal.

For our services, we provide beaver removal, rodent control, and removal of raccoons, bat control and management, squirrel removal, mole underground animal trapping, skunk removal, removal of flying squirrels, groundhog removal, and removal of opossums.

Please call our wildlife control representative in our number on this page, for questions on methods, pricing and inspections.

Wildlife in Derry

Derry’s geography has scenic landscapes from Warner Hill, where the skyline of Boston can be seen. The town lies within the stretch of Beaver Brook, Piscataqua River and Merrimack River Watersheds. A known wildlife refuge and habitat for several indigenous creatures is the Rockingham Recreational Trail.

The 18 mile trail is popular for hikers, walkers, bikers and the general public. It has a stretch of serene forests and wetlands that can be freely explored by everyone. However, wildlife has been believed to be displaced and disturbed, as we have received a lot of calls for nuisance wild animal removals from Derry NH residents and business owners.

Derry NH Wildlife Removal Services

Flying Squirrel Removal in Derry NH

Most of the flying squirrels seen in Derry NH are generally related to the flying squirrel which originated in Northern America and some areas in Canada. Other states where flying squirrels can be found include Utah, California, Alaska, Oregon, Montana, North Carolina and New England.

Beaver Removal in Derry NH

Beaver Removal in Derry NH

Beaver Removal in Derry NH

Have you seen a beaver’s dam in Derry New Hampshire? Beavers build dams so it can provide flowing water in their lodge and it does not freeze in winter. These dams also compensate their food search in the forest as it floods the surrounding and immediate areas. Their favorite food sources are leaves, barks and buds of trees like birch, willow, beech and black cherries.

Raccoon Removal in Derry NH

Raccoons display several fission and fusion social behavior, side from their solitary nature. There are times raccoons will converge in a communal den to share feeding as in the case of raccoon females. Some raccoon males on the other hand will sometimes bond with other male raccoons to form a group to guard against animal invaders. There are some instances of raccoons stay by themselves in a single den and would only seek other raccoons during mating season. If for unknown reason you see a raccoon inside you house, don’t panic. You can call one of our raccoon removal specialists for guidance.

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Our other Derry Wildlife Control Services

Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

Do you want to learn something new about bats? The bat’s unique ability to catch their prey in darkness baffled a lot people. Bats however do not use their eyes to find their food source (mostly insects) but they use their ears, through the interesting concepts of sound waves and acoustics. As soon as bats fly, they emit high pitch sounds which hit the insects. The sound then returns as echo to the bat and guides them to the location of the source.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are mainly arboreal, living mostly in dense trees and sometimes in burrows. However, recent developments in Derry have seen the rise of squirrels that learned to adapt and live with human dwelling environments. Squirrels are good in climbing and would often enter open windows and sometimes would enter pet doors. They can also squeeze their way in some tubes, holes and crevices.

Mole Removal

Moles are primarily considered as pests, particularly in herb gardens, farms, vegetable gardens and agricultural farms in Derry. A mole can cause contamination of soil, damage to livestock, plant degradation, damaged flowers, and destroy the overall landscape. Moles build a lot of tunnels and push a lot of mole hills, so their apparent negative effects are clearly seen.

Groundhog Removal

The groundhogs usually build their burrows with several entrance/exit points. They can have as much 5-6 openings in their burrow to give them more escape routes from predators. The burrows of groundhogs can measure 2-4 meters underground, with as much as 40-45 feet in length. Groundhog burrows are the primary cause of structural damages in estates and agricultural areas in Derry New Hampshire.

Muskrat Removal

Muskrats mostly build their burrow near ponds, streams or lake, sometimes with an underwater opening. They build these entrances around 5-8 inches wide. On the other hand muskrat push-ups are build in marshes, created from mud and vegetation, measuring up to 3 feet in height. In winter, the openings on the push-ups are closed with vegetation which the animal put in place every day.

Opossum Removal

Here’s a trivia on opossums. An interesting characteristic of opossums is when they start ‘playing opossum’, where they literally play dead if they feel they’re about to be hit or injured. The involuntary response is physiological in nature and happens instinctively, without any conscious effort by the animal.

Skunk Removal

If you’ve come across a skunk in your yard in Derry, we wouldn’t be surprised if you readily smell the bad odor it secretes from their anal glands. These glands produce chemical mixtures of thiols or mercaptans, a sulfur based chemical that has a very strong foul odor. The smell is extremely bad it can push away large wild animals like bears, coyotes and foxes.

Bird Removal

Birds are also considered as carriers of deadly viruses and diseases. Some of these include avian tuberculosis (or mycobacteriosis), salmonellosis, bird flu (avian influenza) and psittacosis. These can easily be transmitted to humans and cause epidemic if not controlled.

Rat Removal

Rats are one of our most frequent calls in Derry NH, mostly coming from stores, restaurants, cafes and diners. We also received a lot of calls from home owners. Rat infestation has been a major problem in almost all cities in New Hampshire and Derry is far from being rat proof or rat free.

Don’t ignore the slightest problem that an opossum, squirrel or rat might bring inside your home. Even so, if you see a bat in the chimney, roof or attic, don’t think it’s harmless because of disease transmission it might cause. Any unidentified creature from the wild for that matter, make sure to deal with the problem the soonest. In Derry, you can call our number for consultations and question on removal methods.

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