Dublin OH Wildlife Removal

(Please call Dublin OH Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 800-647-1512)

Dublin OH Wildlife Removal

Dublin OH Wildlife Removal Company provides full wildlife services for businesses, establishments, households and facilities in Dublin Ohio. We specialize in raccoon removal, squirrel removal, raccoon trapping, squirrel trapping, raccoon prevention and squirrel prevention. We also provide repair on animal damages.

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Wildlife in Dublin Ohio

Dublin Ohio is well known for having some of the country’s best fairways and golf courses, being a stop of the prestigious PGA Tour. Some of best grass and fields can be seen at Tartan Fields Golf Club, Riviera Golf Club and the Muirfield Country Club. This suburb of Columbus has an area of 24.4 square miles land and 0.3 square miles water. Dublin Ohio has significant nature trails and mini forests. Several parks in the city that becomes a playground to wildlife creatures include Glacier Ridge Metro Park, Kiwanis Riverway Parks and Ballantrae Park. Squirrels and some raccoons can be seen roaming in foothills, woodlots and ravines.

Dublin OH Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Dublin Ohio

Where are the areas you will most often see Ohio raccoons? The raccoon likes to stay in their den. Their den is their home where they sleep, rest and breed. The raccoon’s den provides protection for them during rain storms and strong winds. A characteristic of raccoon is that they do not build their den, but seek abandoned burrows of skunks, squirrels, gophers and other animals. They may also seek den-like areas of houses. In Dublin OH, raccoon intrusion is a common complaint.

Squirrel Removal in Dublin OH

The Glaucomys volans is one type of species that belong to the group of tree squirrels. These creatures are not as heavy as Ohio fox squirrels. They can weigh as little as 3 ounces. Their length can just be 7 inches to around 8 inches. These species are called Southern flying squirrels because of their ability to jump from tree to tree. In Dublin OH, these squirrels, along with ground squirrels frequently enter households.

Attic Restoration in Dublin Ohio

If you have already removed the wildlife animal from your attic, it is highly recommended that you repair and remediate the area immediately. In fact, we advise Ohio clients before removing the animal that the attic be insulated after extracting the animal. This will ensure that your house would be wildlife-proof from future nuisance animal intrusions. We can help you with this work; just give us a call in our Dublin Ohio hotline.

Attic roof insulation in Dublin OH

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Animal Damage Repair in Dublin OH

Ask for wildlife contractual services that will fill your critter control requirements for your home. If you only need animal removal and feces cleaning, you can ask a wildlife company, there are professionals who specialized with such procedures. If you need additional tasks like professional wildlife restoration, there are also Dublin OH wildlife companies that provide complete wildlife services.

For your Dublin OH wildlife removal services in Dublin and in Columbus Ohio, as well as the nearby communities, just get in touch with one of our wildlife specialists. We have expertise on raccoon and squirrel species that roam the nature and open areas in Dublin OH. We provide complete wildlife service from animal removal, feces clean up and wildlife damage repair. We understand the importance of full professional work to save the time and resources of Dublin Ohio home owners.

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Wildlife animals can cause fear and anxiety to people, including kids. Don’t wait for something worse to happen. Call us in Dublin Ohio for wildlife control services.

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