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For your Duncanville TX wildlife removal needs, just get in touch with our wild animal experts. Getting assistance from wildlife professionals helps you to avoid injury risks such as being bitten, scratched and attach by the creature. The animals from the wild are far from the tame nature you are used to see on your pets. These species can be rabid and attack humans without being provoked. Send us a message today in Duncanville for your removal problems.

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Photo credit: "Duncanville, Texas northern water tower" by Pete unseth. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “Duncanville, Texas northern water tower” by Pete unseth. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Duncanville

Duncanville is made up of majority of land at 11.3 square miles. Located at the southern part of Dallas County, it is part of the Best Southwest area comprised along with Cedar Hill, Lancaster and DeSoto. The city started as a thousand acres settlement in 1845, just south of Dallas. The Duncan Switch railway was built around 1880, in which in 1882 the area’s very first postal master Charles Nance renamed the place Duncanville. The area had a continuous growth and development in its economy, population and as a tourist destination. Around 1980, several businesses were built namely Joe Pool Lake and Hilton Garden Inn. The city has several popular parks, recreation area and nature trails. Some of these include Armstrong Park, Waterview Park, Penn Springs Park, Willow Run Park, Lions Park and Lakeside Park.

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Raccoon removal in Duncanville Texas

A raccoon have close proximity of its tracks to an opossum. The way the two animals walk also produces similar track pairs; with opposite and hind tracks side by side. For someone not familiar with detailed traits of raccoons and opossums, they would often mistake the tracks of one animal from the other. Raccoons can be found in most states in the United States. The animal is widely distributed as well in Texas. The abundance and population of the raccoon have consistently increased in past few years, that it is common to have 10 to 40 raccoons per square mile. This has made the raccoons one of the most frequent animal invaders in Duncanville households and establishments.

Skunk removal in Duncanville TX

Skunks eat plants, though they may also eat animal meat if necessary. Insects are also a favorite food by skunks, which they mostly consume in spring. One of the common insects they like to hunt is bees. The skunks in Duncanville often stalk in gardens where there are a lot of pollinating bees. Hunting or shooting skunks in rural area is mostly prohibited. State laws in Texas and national ordinances usually do not allow the general public to handle wildlife animals like skunks. Check your local government on the actual laws on the handling of wildlife species such as skunks.

Beaver removal in Duncanville Texas

The beaver is known on their skill in creating their home on a waterstream. In Duncanville, they usually create a lodge as a shelter before winter comes. The dome like dam is also used as storage for their food such as barks, wood and twigs. For instance, an individual Texas beaver can also be responsible for a second or third dam, built small in size downstream from the main dam. The animal usually searches for the best spot to build, such as an area with a logjam of debris, rock and timber.

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Bobcat removal in Duncanville TX

The bobcat is a predator in the wild that can adapt to various types of habitat and environment. The bobcat in Duncanville can live in the forests, semi desert, swamplands and even in urban edges. We’ve so far removed several bobcats in nearby communities in Dallas, with requests for bobcat prevention measures aside from the removal of the animal.

Possum removal in Duncanville TX

There are several distinct characteristics of possums. For instance the gray short tailed Didelphimorphs, a marsupial that has sizes that range from a mouse to as big as a domestic cat. The possums seen most in Texas are omnivores and can be arboreal if the food sources come in abundance. A possum has a long snout and a small brain case in the skull.

For complete wildlife services, we provide house damage restoration, animal carcass removal, animal feces removal, seal entry points, remove animal foul odor. Other wildlife creatures we also remove are armadillo, birds, raccoon, snakes, skunk, bobcat, bats, possum, beaver, rats, squirrel and more.

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