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In need of a Duval County FL wildlife removal of squirrel, birds, bats, coyotes, raccoon, armadillo, opossum and other undomesticated creatures, call us now. We’re an experienced team of wildlife control experts, with years of experience in dealing with dangerous animals from the wild. Don’t risk injury by removing these animals; let a professional do the work to avoid any untoward incidents. Contact one of our operators today.

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Wildlife in Duval County

Duval County is made of 762 square miles of land, with 156 square miles water or 17% water. The area is made of mostly coastal plain, with very few rolling hills. Its history can be traced to around 1820’s, where it was named from Florida Governor William Pope Duval which served during that period. Several known protected areas are Timucuan Ecological Historiccal Preserve and Fort Caroline National Memorial. The Timucuan Preserve is protected by the U.S. National Preservation in Florida, where it has 46,000 acres of natural habitat, waterways and wetlands. Duval County, being surrounded by a lot of trees, wood lands and nature, is a common nature refuge for wildlife animals.

Duval County FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Duval County FL

Stopping squirrels from entering your home is not easy. Chances are you’ve made efforts to make sure all doors and windows are shut, only to see squirrels enter your house again. There are many factors like a hole in your siding, wall or a ripped roof. You may want to consult a squirrel removal specialists on ways to stop the entry of squirrels. We have wildlife experts in Duval County, call us.

Coyote removal in Duval County FL

What are the characteristics of the coyote? This wildlife animal can be versatile and known to be able to adapt in any territory even in the midst of modern city expansion. It’s not surprising to see coyotes in urban cities such as communities in Duval County Florida. Coyotes may present dangerous problems to children, so you have to be aware and remove coyotes immediately.

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Opossum removal in Duval County FL

The creature opossum has been successful in working its way on diverse situations. This has since help the opossum to colonize a home or an apartment. An opossum would notably look for habitat with great sources of food and water. This has been the case in areas in Florida where there are high cases of opossum intrusions.

Honey bees removal in Duval County FL

Bees likes to sting without being threatened. There are many cases of bee stings on people who are outdoors, without any knowledge that they have been sting. If you suspect a bee sting, try to remove the sting. Wash the wound and apply disinfectant. Seek medical help immediately. In Duval County, we can provide you with removal and management of honey bees, call us today for details.

We also provide wildlife removal services that include raccoon removal, bat exclusion, rat control, mice removal, animal damage repair, crawlspace cleaning, decontamination of attic, sanitation of animal odor, feces clean up.

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Call us right now in Duval County Florida for removal of nuisance wildlife like honey bees, raccoon, bats, opossum, wild rats, squirrel, bees, snakes, armadillos, wild hogs, mice and other dangerous species.

Duval County FL Wildlife Removal
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