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Do you need wildlife removal services in Dyer Indiana? Send us a message in our contact page or simply dial our number. Our wild animal specialist will assist you on how best to deal with wildlife animal intrusion problem. We now provide wildlife animal removal, and nuisance control in Dyer Indiana and adjacent towns in the St. John Townships. We can apply “proofing” at your home if needed, this prevents undomesticated savages from entering your place.

Wildlife in Dyer

Roads in Dyer such as the Lincoln Highway, US Route 30 are the main thoroughfare in and around Dyer – where park trees, city forest and herb gardens mostly seen as you go around town. You’ll never miss a couple of joggers and bikers on some of the nature trails. The town has been referred as one of the best places to live in the US.

Understandably though there are occasional complaints of out-of-control rabid animals on the loose. The calls and complaints we receive involve intrusions of raccoons and squirrels in stores and households. We’ve also received information that several bats got trapped in some apartments.

Dyer IN Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Dyer IN

Raccoons mainly breathe the forest air, but don’t be surprised if you see the animal strolling in a Dyer park or sleeping in a backyard. Present estimates reveal raccoons has become more and more accustomed in urban areas in the US. Some of the reasons pointed on why it seem to be leaving the forests include illegal logging and hunting.

Though raccoons can be afraid when they see people, it doesn’t mean they are timid. They can be rabid and unpredictable. Raccoons carry deadly rabies which they can quickly transmit in their saliva. Also, don’t even think raccoons will not bite back if you see them in your door. They’re untamed and it would be better to let a Dyer wildlife animal expert handle the job. Phone us in Dyer if you need to avail of a raccoon removal service.

Squirrel Trapping - Squirrel Removal in Dyer IN

Photo credit: Jäger & Sammler / Foter / CC BY-ND

Squirrel Trapping – Squirrel Removal in Dyer IN

Not only in tropics and rainforest, squirrels can largely adapt into different types of habitat. They’re also seen in open parks and nature trails with lots of trees and flowers, as evidenced of some squirrels sometimes seen outside Lake Center High and Lake County Public Library.

Squirrels can pretty much move from one place to the other, though most of the time they go to backyards, gardens and lawns to pick up fallen fruits, seeds and cones. A member of the rodentia order, they will then find places for storage. In Dyer, we received queries on squirrel trapping after car owners discovered seeds in the engines of their cars. One car owner saw some conifers on a BMW, while another saw a pile of pecans on a Mercedes.

We can provide squirrel proofing methods to remove and trap the squirrels – call us in Dyer, on our hotline number.

Bat Removal in Dyer

Bat Removal in Dyer

Photo credit: Hoarybat / Foter / CC BY

Most of the bat removal cases we encounter in Dyer speak of unnoticed bites from bats. Residents say they didn’t know bats can be that rabid and would bite people. Bites from bats can be dangerous because they sometimes carry rabies. They also carry various zoogenic pathogens because their ‘insect-diet’, mostly made up of eating mosquitoes and other bugs.

If you discover bats in your property, don’t brush it off. You can call our hotline for questions on bat control and bat management. In Dyer, we provide bat removal services.

We’re happy to announce we’ve now opened our wildlife removal services in Dyer and nearby towns, for removal of bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, rodents, and other wildlife species – call us today for inquiries and scheduling.

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