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For your wildlife control and removal concerns in East Chicago IN – contact Anytime Wildlife Removal! We provide East Chicago IN Wildlife removal services on bat removal, squirrel removal (and trapping), raccoon removal, as well as other virulent animals in East Chicago in Lake County. Let the experts handle all your problems on vicious mammals. Wildlife animals do not belong in East Chicago! Call our wildlife removal professionals (they’re on standby) for your inquiries and schedule visit.

Wildlife removal in East Chicago IN

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Wildlife in East Chicago

East Chicago prides itself as a hard working community, as seen with the Indiana Harbor & Ship Canal and the US largest steel mill, ArcelorMittal’s Indiana Harbor Works – the city development pushes through and growth in full swing. Known to be the ‘City of Hope and Progress’, the town slogan can be seen everywhere you look in town from shops, stores, halls and residential houses.

The smell of fresh air around Lake Harbor and Sunnyside, along with the relaxing greens and trees in Prairie Park and Washington Park, you can’t help but calmly watch the different birds species in the city’s nature trails. Yet, in these soft grass and fairways, East Chicago occasionally gets a visit from unwelcome and noxious animals from the Indiana wild.

East Chicago IN Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in East Chicago

In several sightings of raccoons in East Chicago, some people saw the animal make ‘movements like moistening their food’ when they’re near body of water. This always make residents think raccoons like to ‘wash their food’ before they eat. Though this is true in most part, raccoons still do the same ‘washing movements’ of their food even if there’s no body of water nearby. The explanation could be the ‘washing motions’ was an instinctive behaviour of the raccoon with their food.

Their dexterous paws have five strong claws, which is often compared to people’s hands. Raccoons have the ability to manipulate their food, as evidence of their washing motion and can similarly hold, grab or grasp an object. There were even reports of raccoons able to turn door knobs of houses or even turn covers of bottle jars.

If you see a raccoon in you home, stay calm and close other doors. Give it sometime to leave on its own. If it stays for an extended period such as a couple of days, you may have to call a raccoon removal expert to extract the animal. This will prevent the inconveniences of litters and dropping which raccoons leave around.

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in East Chicago

Photo credit: kennethkonica / Foter / CC BY-ND

Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Removal in East Chicago

The diet of squirrels includes pretty much most of the small fruits, seeds and nuts that can be found outdoors. They like flower bulbs, pecans and even corn. Squirrels enjoy food items that taste good and something which they can readily hold in their hands – so they can carry them and stash them somewhere.

Interesting to note how thrifty squirrels are, saving all the food that they find, and then hiding them in hard to reach places. These places can be anywhere, from exhaust pipes, vehicle engines, closets, drawers, bread toaster, just about anywhere. As long as they can stuff their small food into a crevice, they will continue to do so until they fill them.

This has been the case in our several of our visits when we provide squirrel removal in East Chicago. Some residents complain that some of household pipes or tubes were filled with nuts.

Bat Removal in East Chicago

Bat Removal in East Chicago

Photo credit: fs-phil / Foter / CC BY-SA

Bats are known to be one of the largest mammal orders in the planet. They made up around 20% of all mammal species, with as much as 1,200 sub species. They basically split up in two major families – the megabats and the microbats. Three out of four bats are insectivores, with the other species known to eat fruits, small animals and pure blood.

A distinct trait of bats, particularly microbats is their use of highly-specialized echo-locating sonar. The bats usually create high- pitched clicks which bounces as echoes, helping them efficiently navigate in the dark. (The use of rebounding echoes is quite similar to how submarines navigate under the ocean)

The wing-clicks said to provide clues on how they use it to adapt in echolocation. Some studies mentioned that bats learned to use echolocation in caves and mountainous areas. The bats then refined this skill, later using it effectively as they fly outside the caves.

Wildlife problems can be difficult to handle, whether this is at your home or business facility. Nonetheless, it has to be dealt with accordingly to prevent damage it may cause or diseases it might spread. If your in East Chicago, call us for details of procedures and schedules of appointments.

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