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If you need East Windsor NJ wildlife removal for your building, facility, apartment or home, just call our wildlife control staff for East Windsor New Jersey. We’ve received a variety of animal problems such as snake in the garage, bats in the chimney, skunk in the kitchen, raccoon in the attic and even squirrels inside vehicles. Wildlife animals are not easy to handle and they are mostly rabid in nature. They’re not like your usual domestic cat or dog. These species lived in wildlife and they belong in that habitat.

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"East Windsor, NJ town hall (1)" by Mr. Matté. CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

“East Windsor, NJ town hall (1)” by Mr. Matté. CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in East Windsor

East Windsor is comprised of 15.65 square miles of land, with roughly just 0.98 square miles of water. Located in New Jersey’s Mercer County, it was formed from the single Windsor Township, which was separated into two, east and west, in February 1797. There were some parts of East Windsor, given to Hightstown and Washington Townships. The name of the town is taken from an England town ‘Windsor’. There are several towns that border the place namely Cranbury, Plainsboro, Monroe, Upper Freehold, and West Windsor. The city has several pharmaceutical companies located within the area namely Sabinsa, CoreTech, Aprecia, Hovione, Windsor Labs and Novotec. East Windsor has two notable open space and parks, the Eltra Lake Park and the Bear Brook.

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Bat removal in East Windsor

Where do you look for the access entry points of the wildlife creature bats? Some of these places can be the entrance of the flying mammal: loose boards, ceilings, plumbing holes, air vents, and roof as well as access points of other animals like raccoon or squirrel. Bats in New Jersey may stay longer, but often leave in the following evening. Some may return continuously to use the place as roost. There will usually oily stains, urine and droppings. These areas can be sealed to prevent further entries of bats. You can ask a wildlife company in East Windsor for details.

Snake removal

The snakes in New Jersey usually have a good sense of smell which they normally use to search for food and hunt for prey. Their perception for odor passes through their forked tongues. The tongue first gather particles in the air, which then transmit into the vomeronasal organ located in the mouth. The mouth then examines the information which helps the snake the direction they will take. The snake’s sense of taste and smell are usually used simultaneously. This is why you see the snake’s tongue in constant movement in and out of their mouth. For East Windsor snake removal, contact us today.

Raccoon removal in East Windsor

Some residents think it is okay to hunt a raccoon. If they have some sort of trapping device, they will attempt this as well. However, remember you would need to get a local and state license to capture the gray fur animal. Authorities may also require a license from the association of national wildlife companies. The main reason for this is that the laws were put in place to protect the population of wildlife species. These agencies are also in place to make sure individuals will follow proper and safe relocation of live New Jersey wildlife animals like the raccoons.

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Squirrel removal in East Windsor NJ

Tree squirrels share similar physical traits and behaviors with other squirrel species. However, the term ‘tree squirrels’ is mostly based on the habitat characteristic of the species. Ground squirrels on the hand are called as such because it prefers living in burrows, piles of rocks and generally on the ground. The “Sciurus” is a notable genus group of tree squirrels. Some of the variants of the Sciurus are red squirrel and fox squirrel. These squirrels are also the most common problems as it often jump from tree branches into roof, second floors or chimneys of house structures.

Other New Jersey wildlife species we trap and relocate include groundhog, termite, chipmunks, rodent, woodchuck, mouse, mice, raccoon, bat, squirrel, rats, snake, skunk, opossum. Our other East Windsor wildlife management solutions also include sanitation; remove bad smell caused by wildlife, decontamination, animal feces clean up, rat control, dead animal removal, home restoration, sealing of animal entry, animal damage repair.

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