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Welcome to Edwardsville IL wildlife removal for your wild animal removal and nuisance control on raccoon, bat, fox and snakes. We also provide critter exclusion on skunks, squirrel, mole, beaver, bird, mice and others. Here are just some of the inquiries we get:

* Remove bat from the attic
* Squirrel proofing
* Raccoon removal on homes
* Animal control cost
* Wildlife pest exclusion

Edwardsville Illinois wildlife removal wildlife control raccoon squirrel bat beaver skunk rodent mice rat snake fox mole bird

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Wildlife in Edwardsville Illinois

This is the county seat of Madison County in Illinois. The place is one of the oldest cities in the state, having been named to former Illinois governor Ninian Edwards. It has a land area of 19.5 square miles or 97% land. Water can be seen in just 0.60 square miles or 3% water. Edwardsville has a lot of recreation and park attractions for residents and visitors. These places include the Madison County Transit (MCT Trails), Watershed Nature Center, SIUE Campus, Glik Park, Lusk Park and Leclaire Park. The city has a wide area of scenic landscapes, bikeways, nature trails, forests, fields and rolling hills. Residents however complain of animal intrusions like squirrels, woodchucks, chipmunks and rodents.

Edwardsville IL Wildlife Removal Services

Squirrel Removal in Edwardsville IL

In Edwardsville, the squirrels we’ve often seen are tree squirrels. These are furry creatures that have rodents as relatives. They’re known to be related to gophers, muskrats, beavers, mice and also rats. The Illinois squirrels have a habit of gnawing wood or trees. If they find themselves inside a house, the squirrels will usually eat their way through some cabinets, walls and furniture’s.

Bat Removal in Edwardsville IL

Edwardsville bats are usually insectivores’ species, where they only eat insects. Some studies say one bat can consume 2,000 insects to 3,000 different insects in one evening. You can expect the Illinois bats to be voracious insect eaters. However, bats can bring health risks and you may not want them around. In Edwardsville we have bat specialists, just call our operators.

Raccoon Removal in Edwardsville IL

In Edwardsville, the Illinois raccoon we’ve removed are the most common of other species. If you see the animal, you’ll easily notice the black covering in their face. Experts call this the raccoon’s ‘black mask’. Some people even call it the ‘thief masks’. The raccoons have an intruding behavior and the thief mask becomes appropriate to the furry animal.

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Other Edwardsville IL Wildlife Control Services

Beaver Removal in Edwardsville IL

Beaver Removal in Edwardsville IL

Beaver Removal in Edwardsville IL

The beavers we’ve seen in our visits in Edwardsville are Illinois beavers. It has the scientific name called Castor Canadensis. The animal has a stocky and muscle filled appearance. Despite this bulky look, the beaver can also swim. Beavers can be a nuisance if not controlled.

Skunk Removal in Edwardsville IL

Edwardsville skunks have always been a problem in the state of Illinois. For residents, the obnoxious odor that the animals discharge has been a common wildlife problem since it’s extremely difficult to remove the awful scent using home remedies or over-the-counter air fresheners. Removing the skunk as well as the smell it leavers always require the expertise of a skunk specialist. We provide skunk removal and skunk smell removal in Edwardsville City, just call us for questions and appointments.

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