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(Please call Ewing NJ Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 609-882-1313)

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For wildlife trapper from Ewing NJ wildlife removal company, kindly get in touch with our phone operators for immediate assistance. You can inquire on our types of wildlife services. Aside from nuisance animal trapping and critter control, we also provide bat exclusion, raccoon removal, squirrel trapping and removal of different rodent species. There are times we receive calls from home owners asking to remove a kind of wildlife species they can’t identify. Just let us know of any inquiries through our hotline.

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"Ewing Township Munipal Building in Ewing, New Jersey" by Famartin. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

“Ewing Township Munipal Building in Ewing, New Jersey” by Famartin. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Ewing

Ewing New Jersey is a township located within Mercer County, sharing a border within Philadelphia Metro Area, but also part of New York Metropolitan Area. The foundation of the area started in 17th century, mostly by European settlers. The place has a land area of 15.2 square miles, with only 2.2% water or 0.35 square miles water. Some of these bodies of water within the city limits include Lake Sylva, Shabakunk Creek and Delaware River. There are several important places in the city like The William Greene Farmhouse, Delaware and Raritan Canal, Washington Victory Trail, Louis Kahn’s Trenton Bath House, Ewing Presbyterian Church, Our Lady of Good Counsel Church.

Ewing NJ wildlife removal company

Rodent removal in Ewing New Jersey

The name rodent is actually based from the Latin original term called ‘rodere’ which literally means ‘to gnaw’ in English. These can be attributed to the continuously growing incisors of the mammal which forces them to continuously gnaw into wood, branches, posts and house foundation. One or two rodents inside a home can cause significant damage. Remember that also rodents have the ability to reproduce quickly which can increase their population inside structure enough for an infestation.

Raccoon removal

Don’t make the mistake to think that a New Jersey raccoon is generally harmless or clean. This creature lives in the wildlife and mostly eats plants and mammals. Sometimes, the raccoon also eat poisonous plants and even insects. Its fur can also have ticks, flea or mites. The raccoon can easily be infected by roundworm, parasites, and tapeworm. These can also be transmitted to people. The round worm eggs for instance can be ingested unknowingly by people in pools or open drinking fountains. If a raccoon is roaming in the community, it must be removed immediately, more so if it invades a house in Ewing.

Squirrel removal in Ewing

Aside from the Sciurinae, which is considered the main species of squirrels, there other notable subgroups or families. The Xerinae is a subfamily that mainly lives in the ground or burrows. These terrestrial squirrels include the species of prairie dogs and marmots. These are mostly gregarious unlike other tribe which can be social with their same species. For instance, other major species of New Jersey squirrels also include colorful Callosciurinae species from tropical areas of Asia.

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Bat removal in Ewing NJ

Colonies of bats inside a building or in a medium sized New Jersey suburb house can be possible. Don’t think one or two bats are the only number of capable flying mammals to get inside home. Some Ewing residents disregard 1 to 3 bats inside the house. However, one or a colony should be removed just the same, as soon as possible. Bat wastes and risk of diseases are just some of the problems you should watch out for. You certainly don’t want your little one or maybe your grandmother get sick because of droppings or fungi that formed because of bat guanos.

We also provide New Jersey trapping of rats, rodent, raccoon, opossum, skunk, squirrel, mouse, snake, groundhog, termite, chipmunks, mice, woodchuck, bat. For other full Ewing wildlife company work, we have sanitation, decontamination, get rid of wildlife odor, house damage restoration, block animal access, home repair, clean animal droppings, and remove dead body of critters.

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