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(Please call Fairview TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-562-0522)

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We provide Fairview TX wildlife removal services on households and commercial establishments in Fairview and nearby areas of Dallas. We understand the anxiety that property owners feel when there’s a nuisance in the midst of their home. Your dwelling is supposed to be a sanctuary and there should be no unwanted guests, dangerous creatures at that. Let us know through our hotline your problems on wildlife animals and we will connect you to one of our animal specialist.

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Photo credit: "Hart Road detail" by Fairsaka. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Photo credit: “Hart Road detail” by Fairsaka. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.

Wildlife in Fairview

Fairview is made up of mostly land at 8.7 square miles land, with 0.02 square miles water. The town is located within Collin County and very near the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary. Several other parks and nature areas in Fairview include Celebration Park, Allen Station Park and Lost Creek Park. Located in Parkdale Drive, Creekside Park is a large picnic area with 500 feet walking trail. Other nature areas and recreation parks in Fairview are Beaver Run, Monatch Park, Roadrunner Trail and Veteran’s Park.

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Skunk removal in Fairview Texas

Skunks can adjust their diet, whereas they eat plants, animals and even insects. The food that they eat often depends on the scarcity or abundance of the food item. In winter, notably in Texas, you will not see much of skunk’s food hunting. The foul smell emitting animal will however go active in search of food in the first signs of spring. We’ve removed several skunks in Fairview in the past spring.

Beaver removal in Fairview TX

The tree parts used in the dams of beavers are usually cut by the brown animal at a first convenient notch. The beaver would then cut again 2.5 to 3.5 inches below the first height. By chewing further into the bark, the beaver will bite into the tree until it snap. If you need someone to take charge of beaver management in Fairview, just give us a call.

Raccoon removal in Fairview Texas

Raccoons are known to be promiscuous mammals, which can usually breed with different mates in a breeding season. This raccoon breeding season usually occur in January until March. The mother raccoon will usually have 2 to 4 baby raccoons, from a gestation that last for two months. A young raccoon will only start walking alone outdoors after it reaches its first month. They should already be able to learn to search for food such as invertebrates and insects.

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Rat removal in Fairview TX

Rats are considered one of the common problems in households and businesses. Considered as pests for the longest time in history, these creatures are opportunistic in the sense that it survive by living near or long with people. The presence of rats in Fairview has brought significant damage to crops and even so in loss of food in storages and stock rooms.

Bird removal in Fairview Texas

Birds have a distinct high metabolic rate and a 4 chamber heart. The general species of birds are lightweight, but has a pretty much durable skeleton. These creatures have a beak, with no teeth. It can easily be identified with its feathers and wings, along with the hard shell eggs they lay in their nests. There are a lot of species of birds in Fairview Texas and they are widely distributed all over the planet.

We also provide the following wildlife company services: home restorations, animal feces clean up, seal animal entry, sanitation, remove animal smell. We also provide trapping for bobcat, possum, squirrel, bats, rats, raccoon, armadillo, beaver, birds, snakes, skunk and more.

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