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(Please call Farmers Branch TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-484-3620)

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In need of Farmers Branch TX wildlife removal for your apartment, house or business? Just give us a call in our number on the page. We understand the trouble wildlife animals may bring to you, your children or your guests. No one wants some squirrel suddenly jumping on the dining table whole you eat. You would certainly feel bad if one of your visitors complain because of a bad smell from a skunk. We certainly want a peaceful living environment without any problems brought by wildlife animals. Call us now for removal and prevention details.

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Photo credit: "Farmers branch railroad depot 2013" by Larry D. Moore. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “Farmers branch railroad depot 2013” by Larry D. Moore. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch has a majority land area at 12 square miles land, with less than 0.10% of body of water. Located in Dallas County, its very first settlement came around 1850 with the first settlers naming the place as Mustang Branch. A couple of years later it was renamed to Farmers Branch to describe the rich farmland and agricultural soil that can be seen in the area. This day, the city has undergone rapid growth with the presence of several large organizations such as TD Industries, Televista, GEICO, IRS, IBM and JP Morgan Chase. The city has kept nearby nature areas and parks well maintained. This can be seen in the 28 parks and trails like 104 acre Burke Nature Preserve, 1,500 flower planted Rose Garden and 27 acre Historical Park.

Farmers Branch TX wildlife removal company

Raccoon removal in Farmers Branch Texas

Home owners need to immediately clean the droppings, wastes or feces of raccoons. There are wildlife removal companies providing complete wildlife services, where animal removal, feces cleaning, sanitation and decontamination can be done. A raccoon can be damaging in many ways if it be able to gain access to a house. It has sharp claws and teeth, which can easily damage a bed, furniture, couch or chair. This animal can be rabid and be problematic in Farmers Branch homes if left to stay in a property for a longer period. Raccoon urine and feces can be a problem.

Skunk removal in Farmers Branch TX

The skunks sometimes prefer insects as their food. If they can’t find animal meat or if fruits and vegetables are not ripe, the skunks will eat insects. The beetle is a common insect that they like. The skunk will often roam in grass lands in Texas as they search for beetles. Striped skunk is a common species seen in southern and central states. Another type is the spotted skunks. They become more active in the evening, and sleep all day in their den during the day. There are several exceptions however on certain skunks usually depending on climate, weather, territory and environment. For removal of skunk in Farmers Branch, send us a message.

Beaver removal in Farmers Branch Texas

When the beaver bite into a tree, they usually chip it until it falls. However, the trees don’t usually fall on any specific area. The trees which the beaver likes to cut should be near the water, so the tree will have no trouble falling into the water. The Texas beaver usually start the construction of the dam, a couple of inches below the water level. The animal will dig into a steep bank and then angle the construction upward. The water level will be cleared by the tunnel, usually around a foot to a foot and a half.

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"Chaetophractus vellerosus3" by Arnaud Boucher. Public Domain via Commons.

“Chaetophractus vellerosus3” by Arnaud Boucher. Public Domain via Commons.

Armadillo removal in Farmers Branch Texas

An armadillo generally have insects as their main food sustenance. The insects they prey upon often are ants and termites. The armadillos also like to dig to find worms. They usually use their long nose (snout) to detect nearby worms, ants and termites. Even if this look as if the armadillo help in a way to control the population of these insects in a property, the animal still pose health risks to people.

Snake removal in Farmers Branch TX

The snake basically have specialized physical characteristics such as mobile jaws and jointed skulls which allows them to consume a larger food item than their head. You’ve probably seen a snake in videos on how they were able to swallow large objects that is larger their small head and narrow body. The snakes also have paired organs that is located one in front of another, instead of the organs (such kidneys and lungs) located side by side, the same way organs are located with people or other animals. We remove snakes frequently in Farmers Branch TX; just call our number for appointments.

For full wildlife company work, we have animal damage repair, clean animal droppings, seal entry points, sanitation, remove animal foul odor. For other wild animals, contact us, we remove skunk, bobcat, birds, rats, snakes, beaver, possum, armadillo, raccoon, squirrel, bats and more.

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