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We’re a local Fernandina Beach FL wildlife removal company that offer animal trapping and wildlife control. Our range of coverage in the south is a proof on our commitment to provide assistance for all the wildlife problem requirements of businesses, agencies and homes in Fernandina Beach.

• Bat removal and bat exclusion
• Removal of nutria or wild rats
• Fernandina Beach FL expert trapper
• Rat control and prevention

Photo Credit: "FernandinaBeachMontage1" by Excel23. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo Credit: “FernandinaBeachMontage1” by Excel23. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach is well known for being the ‘Isle of 8 flags’, having the distinction of flying eight different government flags namely from Spain, France, Great Britain, Spain (second time), Green Cross of Florida, Patriots of Amelia Island, Mexico, Confederate States of America and then finally from the present day, United States. Fernandina is known to be the only U.S. municipality having flown eight kinds of national flags throughout its history. Located near downtown Jacksonville, it is in the northern eastern part of Florida. The place is made up of mostly land at 15.7 square miles. Different tourist attractions that can be seen include the Original Town Historic Site, Historic Nassau Courthouse and Fort Clinch State Park. Fort Clinch attracts not just tourists, but migratory birds, alligators, purple sandpipers, manatees, wood peckers, dolphins, deer and other wildlife species.

Fernandina Beach FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Fernandina Beach FL

Trying to find an effective proofing method against squirrel intrusion is not easy. Wildlife animals like squirrels are persistent creatures that even if you cover up a hole in the roof, it can find another way on a pipe or a tube.

Armadillo removal in Fernandina Beach FL

For the most part of the 19th century, armadillos can be seen in large numbers in the south and southeastern part of the United States. They started to move and expand their home range further into the central part of the U.S. in Mississippi and Tennessee. Armadillos have kept their population in control since they don’t have predators that prey upon them.

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Opossum removal in Fernandina Beach FL

Have you seen an opossum in your place in Fernandina Beach? There are many factors why opossums survive in places like a building or dwelling. An opossum have different choices for their food, which then allows them to switch a certain diet type.

Honey bees removal in Fernandina Beach FL

The honey bees can sometimes be simply known as bees, but it is just a member of various bee species. At any rate, honey bees are part of Apis genus of bees. These bees are known to build bees nests made of wax.

We also provide wildlife control services like raccoon removal, feces clean up, bat removal, house damage repair, skunk removal, deer removal, getting rid of digging mole animal.

Other wildlife company services include clean-up of animal feces, dead animal removal, decontamination, sanitation, bad smell removal, home restoration, house repair, attic insulation, wildlife animal prevention and blocking of entry points.

We also provide wildlife control for the following creatures:  deer, squirrel, bats, armadillo, birds, coyote, wild hogs, rats, snakes, mole animal, opossum, raccoons, skunk, fox, honey bees, and other dangerous animals.

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Call us right now in Fernandina Beach Florida for wildlife services of the following: armadillos, raccoon, bees, opossums, snakes, squirrel, bats, mice, wild hogs, rats, and other dangerous animals.

Fernandina Beach FL Wildlife Removal
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