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(Please call Flagler County FL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 386-586-2621)

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For your Flagler County FL wildlife removal needs to handle wild animals like snakes, raccoons, bats, armadillos and bees, please call our operators through our hotline. Other services we can provide aside from animal removal include wildlife feces clean-up, damage repair, animal exclusion, sanitation, attic cleaning, decontamination and more. We can also handle squirrels, wild hogs, fox, opossums, nutria, birds, deer, coyotes and rats. Please call our number for inquiries.

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Flagler County FLWildlife in Flagler County

Flagler County is comprised of 485 square miles land and 85 square miles water (15%). It is located in the eastern part of the state of Florida. The place has a good list of parks; gardens and nature preserve which is a frequent attraction for locals and tourists. Some of the notable parks and nature preserves are Betty Steflik Preserve, Birds of Paradise Nature Preserve, Bulow Creek State Park, Bull Creek Campground, Graham Swamp Preserve, Haw Creek Preserve, Hidden Trails Park, Lehigh Trail, Longs Landing Estuary, Princess Place Preserve, River to Sea Preserve and Washington Oaks State Garden.

Flagler County FL wildlife removal

Squirrel removal in Flagler County Florida

Preventing squirrels from entering your home may require a thorough inspection or general checking of all areas of your house. This includes roof, ceiling, walls, floors, ground, tube, pipes and vents. Even if you were able to remove squirrels, if there’s a damaged wall, ripped ceiling or the slightest opening, squirrels will keep on coming back. You can ask a wildlife company about repairs and restoration for your home.

Skunk removal in Flagler County FL

Skunks like to dig soil to find beetles, grub and worms. This hole would appear like a cone, around 3 inches across in diameter, around 2-3 inches deep. However, these holes can be an eye sore in golf courses, sports fields and flower gardens. There are several ways to eliminate these soil insects to prevent skunks from digging into the soil; but does not necessarily stop skunks from roaming in a garden. If you like to prevent a skunk from entering your home, just send us a message.

Coyote removal in Flagler County Florida

The origin of the modern coyote can be traced from the ancestors of gray wolf. This animal can be flexible in terms of thriving in an environment. It can live with its immediate relatives and if it needed be, can also join loosely knit species.

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Muskrat removal in Flagler County

Did you know muskrats can sometimes be simply called as ‘rats’? However, even if the muskrats have similarities in appearance and habits with the rats. They are not ‘true rats’ as what experts normally call black rats and brown rats.

Mole animal removal in Flagler County

The term ‘true mole’ may refer to the group of talpids, but not necessarily shrew moles or even desmans which do not have the real characteristics of moles. There’s a colorful history on how the animal got its name. Some of words which relates to the name mole include ‘Maulwurf’ (German) with variations in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Iceland for names ‘Mullvad, Muldvarp, Moldvarpa’. The words ‘mull, muld, mold’ has meanings associated with mold and soil, with the second part ‘vad, varp, varpa’ meaning ‘tosser of dirt’ or ‘thrower of soil’.

Our other wildlife services include animal carcass removal; remove old insulation, sanitation, animal droppings removal, deer removal, house repair and attic clean up.

We also provide Flagler County wildlife management of honey bees, raccoon, mole, coyote, squirrel, deer removal, fox, armadillo, snake, opossum, birds, bat exclusion, rat control.

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Flagler County FL wildlife removal
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