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If you require a Fleming Island FL wildlife removal of honey bees, nutria, bats, fox, squirrels, deer and armadillos, just dial our hotline. As a full service wildlife company, we are committed to provide wildlife services for households and establishments with continuing problems on nuisance animals. Wildlife species can be distracting to a serene living of a family or business operations of a company, don’t allow wildlife to establish its habitat in your property.

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"USA Florida location map" by Eric Gaba (Sting - fr:Sting). Public domain data provided by the National Atlas of the United States of America. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

“USA Florida location map” by Eric Gaba (Sting – fr:Sting). Public domain data provided by U.S. National Atlas. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Fleming Island

Fleming Island is made up of significant bodies of water, with 7.3 square miles of water (31.5%), with 15.8 square miles of land. Located in Clay County, it is in the southern western part of Jacksonville. The place is bordered mostly by wetlands or bodies of water, with Doctor’s Lake (north), Swimming Pen Creek (west), Black Creek (south) and St. Johns River (east). The city is considered one of the affluent communities in Jacksonville, just behind Ponte Vedra Beach. Fleming Island has several parks and walking trail. Black Creek Park is popular for hikers and bikers. Moccasin Slough is frequently visited by families with children. A notable trail for joggers, cyclist and hikers is an eight foot wide sidewalk that stretches almost the whole length of Fleming Island.

Fleming Island FL wildlife removal

Raccoon removal in Fleming Island Florida

If raccoons in wildlife use natural habitats like branches, piles of leaves and rock crevices, urbanized raccoons can use abandoned cars, waiting sheds and areas in houses like ante rooms and attics. The home range of a wildlife raccoon is much larger compared to rural raccoons. This can be attributed to the availability of food and water in a community. The home range of a raccoon can be around 50 – 94 acres. This means only a single raccoon can live within a given range.

Skunk removal in Fleming Island FL

The breeding season of skunk usually occur just after their dormancy in winter, sometime in February until March. The wildlife animal usually has pregnancy for two months and can have newborns in May to June. The female skunk can have four to eight young, without much fur in their bodies. However, there are already distinct markings of black and white fur which characterizes an adult skunk. The black and white fur in skunk is most common in North America.

Squirrel removal in Fleming Island FL

Squirrels can be menacing inside a home. It can chew into a couch, beddings and knock down glasses and vases. If you’ve had the problems on squirrels, you may be wondering how to prevent them from entering since they seem to find a way in the tiniest crevice. There are two main parts in a successful wildlife management: squirrel removal and applying proofing measures to prevent squirrels from entering small cracks or holes.

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Fox removal in Fleming Island Florida

Foxes in America have around twelve species mostly seen in the United States. This group belongs to the monophyletic order called ‘Vulpes’. There are 25 other fox subspecies widely distributed in Central and South America.

Muskrat removal in Fleming Island

The muskrat’s name can refer to the odor in which the animal leaves on a territory, which is called ‘musky’. Another name which the name muskrat said to have come is from the native term from Abenaki ‘mòskwas’ which has an English translation of musquash.

Our range of Fleming Island wildlife services also include attic cleaning, house repair, animal body retrieval, insulation replacement, snake removal, deodorization, animal odor removal and animal droppings removal.

We also remove foxes, bees, honey bees, deer, raccoons, moles, opossums, snakes, nutria, armadillos, squirrel trapping, bats, birds, coyotes, wild hogs.

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