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(Please call Flower Mound TX Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 972-539-0525)

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If you require Flower Mound TX wildlife removal of dangerous animals like snakes, bobcat, raccoon, squirrel or skunk, just send a message to one of our staff. We have years of experience in handling different types of wildlife species. Don’t ignore problems with this kind of creatures. These are undomesticated and uncontrollable. It can cause costly damages in properties. We have received numerous calls recently from Flower Mound residents complaining of chewed furniture and gnawed appliances. Don’t let these things happen to your home, call us today.

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"Flower Mound Sign" by AshTR - Flickr: Flower Mound Sign. CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.

Photo credit: “Flower Mound Sign” by AshTR – Flickr: Flower Mound Sign. CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Flower Mound

Flower Mound is made up of 41.4 square miles of land, with 2.5 square miles of water. The city is located mostly in Denton County, with a small area extending to Tarrant County. The name of the place is taken from the 12.5 acre of mound that can be seen at the center of the city. The population in the community significantly increased after the opening of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in 1974. One of the most notable developments of the city is its extensive public park system and trail network. Conservation and preservation of natural habitat, open space and nature areas has been highly encouraged by the local government. There are 54 public parks that occupy as much as 693 acres, 9 of which is more than 70 acres in size. There is around 33 miles of hiking, walking and nature trails in Flower Mound.

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Bat removal in Flower Mound Texas

Bats don’t usually bite unprovoked and there are rare cases if they do. However, that shouldn’t let you think they are harmless. Bats come from wildlife and they come into contact into many other animals and species. This can make them likely carriers of diseases. Some people don’t know but infections and viruses are mostly transmitted from the roosts or nests of bats. In reports of diseases that came from bats in Mississippi and Ohio, the fungi from feces or wastes of bats were often inhaled by people. This can happen if a person would be unaware that what they are cleaning were wastes from bats. It would be advisable to just contact a wildlife company with specialist in bats.

Skunk removal in Flower Mound TX

You’ll often see skunks go active again in their search for food in early spring. This should occur after a long sleepy winter. In winter, the skunk usually sleep majority of the time (though they don’t really hibernate). Skunks prefer to sleep because there’s not much food source in snowy environments. As soon as ice melts, a skunk will go scampering and foraging on food. There were also incidents of skunks pillaging of food in Flower Mound households and establishments. A skunk may also spray their foul smelling musk as a defense mechanism against people or pets.

Beaver removal in Flower Mound Texas

The beaver first cut the tree at a height they can conveniently chew bit by bit. They would then chew again around 3 inches below the initial cut. The beaver would continue biting the spot until the tree snap in its breaking point so the tree will finally fall. The Texas beaver will usually find a good spot in a river bank. Then they construct the dam with a hollow chamber that can support enough movements and the area where they sleep. The beaver will also build the dam depending if they have a young beaver they are taking care of. The dome like dam can just have one entrance or even more than two entrances. The entrances are usually located in different locations and directions pointed into a food source.

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"Bobcat-Texas-9110" by Summer M. Tribble (daughter of David R. Tribble). CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

“Bobcat-Texas-9110” by Summer M. Tribble (daughter of David R. Tribble). CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Bobcat removal in Flower Mound TX

A bobcat has brownish to grayish coat, with black-brown ears and whiskered face. Its closest resemblance is an averaged size Lynx mammal. However, it doubles the size of a domestic cat. Other distinctive trait of a bobcat is the stubby black tail and black bar forelegs. Bobcat has a good population in Texas and has invaded several homes based on reports of our staff in Flower Mound.

Possum removal in Flower Mound Texas

Possums are one of the animals that can stand with its feet flat on the ground. Its hind feet have no claws with opposable digit. The possums are quite similar to monkeys, where it has prehensile tails. These animals are marsupials and have awn hair for their fur. A unique trait of a female species is the pouch. The possums as well as rodents are common nuisance animals in houses and establishments in Dallas.

Our other wildlife removal solutions include wildlife damage repair, clean animal wastes, seal access points, decontamination. For other dangerous species, we remove armadillo, beaver, bobcat, birds, bats, rats, raccoon, skunk, possum, snakes, squirrel and more.

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