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    We want to help you grow your business! If your territory is available we would be happy to direct the leads we receive to you. Right now most territories are available. We began building our directory¬†in early 2015. The customers we do have are very happy with the leads we send them. Every company is different but they are currently converting between 25 and 50% of the calls they receive and adding thousands of dollars to their month. If you service a territory that isn’t built yet we can build it for you, there would be a ramp up time before you start seeing leads though.

    We want to make this as simple and straightforward as possible. We use a unique Grasshopper phone number for every company that we service. At the end of the month we email you a report of all the phone numbers that called you during the month from our wildlife directory. You only pay us $5 per phone call! Some of you are paying more than that on your PPC campaigns for a click. As you know, not every click turns into a call either. Do you really know how many leads you are receiving when you pay a directory a monthly fee? Do you pay less when calls drop off in the winter? With us, you will know exactly how effective your advertising dollars are!

    We are not trying to replace any internet advertising that you do have, we would rather be one of many Internet Marketing tools in your toolbox. If you choose to get rid of some less productive or more expensive forms of advertising after working with us that is up to you. We believe very strongly that no one should rely on just one media or form of advertising. We have seen the negative effects of that error. No non compete clauses here!

    If what you just read strikes a chord with you and you want to find out more you can call us at 763-307-4384. We would love to hear from you!