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Track N Trap provides Frankfort IL wildlife removal services that include raccoon removal, raccoon control, bat removal, squirrel trapping and squirrel removal in Frankfort Illinois and nearby areas. Call us today for your various wildlife animal problems like undesired animal visitors and outdoor animal intrusions that bring trouble, inconvenience and nuisance in your family.

Frankfort ILThe unwanted entry of bats, raccoons and squirrels in Frankfort are one of the most common problems we receive on a regular basis. Wildlife removal, challenging as they may seem, can’t be dealt alone by home owners and would need the help of a professional wildlife removal company. We provide trapping services to remove animals trapped in your property. We also work on exclusion practices to prevent animals from returning and causing damages to your house.

Wildlife animals can adapt quickly and naturally to their surroundings. Raccoons, bats and squirrels can always find an entry point in your home at any time of the year. Creating your own traps and sealing your place can work, but the next thing you knew, they’ve found their way back to your property and have ruined a relaxing evening with your family.

Frankfort IL Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal and Raccoon Control in Frankfort IL Raccoon Removal Gainesville FL

If a raccoon made its way into your attic, there’s a chance it has already build a habitat in your house with a possibility that other raccoons has followed to take residence in your place. Raccoons live in sparsely wooden areas in the forest and can climb their way in house attics when they feel threatened or if they’re looking for a place for their winter rest.

We remove raccoons trapped in the roof, ceiling or attic. Before the wildlife animal causes harm to your children, call us so we can remove the raccoon from your house. Don’t wait for untoward incidents to happen that can be damaging to your property or worse, physically threatening to human lives. Call us for a Frankfort IL raccoon removal expert right now!



Bat Removal in Frankfort IL

Bats glide fast at night to search their food and to take rests. Contrary to popular belief, bats don’t just live in caves and enclosed rock formations – they also form nests in high ceiling apartments and dark attics. Being the second largest mammal order in the world, it’s no wonder bats sometimes finds their way in urban and residential areas.

Bats often consume insects, but as important as their role in ecological balance, they are a live reservoir for a huge number of viruses and pathogens. Bats have reportedly been the carriers of the Ebola virus which is currently ravaging African countries and other parts of the world. Don’t take anything for granted if you see bats in your house. Call a professional Frankfort IL bat removal company today!

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping in Frankfort IL

Squirrels include marmots, chipmunks and woodchucks in their family and are considered to be related to rodents and beavers. Commonly small in size measuring 5 – 10 cm and around 8 -12 grams in weight, squirrels have slender bodies with soft fur and bushy tails, making them capable to squeeze their way in small holes, tubes or crevices. Don’t be surprised to see squirrels forming a habitat in your house.

Known to notoriously store nuts and seeds in small and hard to reach places, squirrels can even store food in vehicle engines and exhaust pipes. We often receive Frankfort IL squirrel trapping inquiries, calls on problems caused by nuts and seeds (stored by squirrels) in the delicate engines of rare and expensive cars. For an inexperienced individual, squirrels can be difficult to catch and can sometimes cause more expensive damages if not done correctly. We apply “squirrel removal and trapping expert procedures” so you will never have squirrels in your garage or any part of your house again. Call us right now for squirrel trapping and squirrel removal in Frankfort Illinois!

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