Franklin County OH Wildlife Removal

(Please call Franklin County OH Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 614-525-3310)

Franklin County OH Wildlife Removal

Welcome to Franklin County OH Wildlife Removal for your wildlife service in Franklin County Ohio. We specialize in removal, exclusion and repair of damages caused by raccoons and squirrels. These animals can be a nuisance in your home or business facility. Aside from their rabid nature, they are untamed so it’s not advisable to remove them on your own. You would need a professional who knows how to handle the creatures in an ethical manner. Here are some of the common inquiries we receive from Franklin County residents.

* How to remove an Ohio raccoon from the attic
* How to prevent squirrel from entering house
* Need cleaning services for raccoon feces
* Removal and restoration services in Franklin County OH
* Expert in wildlife control Ohio

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Wildlife in Franklin County Ohio

With Columbus as the county seat, Franklin County OH traces its roots to the early 18th century, as the county was named to Benjamin Franklin. The county is well known for having one of the biggest universities in the U.S. particularly the Ohio State University. Franklin County has majority of land at almost 98% of total area or 532 square miles land. Water comprises 2% or 11 square miles. The place has a significant natural landscape and nature as it has the Appalachian Plateau region and Till Plains. Franklin County has Griggs Reservoir and Hoover Reservoir, with several creeks like the Alum Creek, Big Darby Creek and Big Walnut Creek. Two rivers go through the county with the Scioto and Olentangy River.

Franklin County OH Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Franklin County Ohio

The Ohio raccoons have animal instincts regarding their home range. The male raccoons would usually stay in their area, which is around one mile in diameter. This is their home territory, where they roam around to search for their food. The raccoons in Franklin County live a solitary lifestyle, so they know the limits of their range. They mixed up with other raccoons only in mating season and on winter. We can humanely remove the raccoons trapped in your house, call us in our number.

Squirrel Removal in Franklin County OH

The red squirrels are small species of Ohio tree squirrel, weighing just 0.4-0.5 pounds. Their length is just around 10-12.5 inches. As their name suggest, they have red fur, with shades of gray, brown and maroon color. They usually have darker fur on the back, with their chest light shade colored fur. In Franklin County, we’ve frequently removed squirrels from houses and establishments. Contact us for our squirrel specialist.

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Attic roof insulation in Franklin County OH

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Attic Restoration in Franklin County Ohio

Attic insulation is a common animal damage repair that can be done by wildlife control companies. This procedure follows after the undesired animals have been extracted from the house. If there are damaged and openings in the attic, it’s only right to repair and insulate the spot to prevent future intrusions of animals in your home. We also provide rehabilitation, attic restoration, crawlspace decontamination and attic insulation in Franklin County Ohio.

Animal Damage Repair in Franklin County OH

You may have noticed that not all wildlife companies are the same. Some provide exclusive animal trapping, while others provide other means of wildlife control services like wildlife management, animal control, and damage repair. You have the option to avail of companies with specialization in wildlife service or the one’s which offered full range of services.

Other Wildlife Control Services near Franklin County Ohio

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Wildlife animals can damage homes and leave costly repairs. There are ways to proof houses from animals. Contact us in Franklin County Ohio for questions on wildlife services.

Franklin County OH Wildlife Removal
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