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Wildlife control problems on raccoons, bats, muskrats, rodents, skunks, flying squirrels, moles, groundhog, opossums and other undomesticated animals can give you headaches over and over again. Most ‘do it yourself’ methods your neighbors tell you would not work (not unless their experts in wildlife). In most instances, the state of New Hampshire requires individuals who handle wildlife control to have government licenses, permits and insurances to help cover damages and injuries that might occur. So the best way to solve nuisance animal intrusions is to seek help from a Franklin NH wildlife removal professional that specializes in wildlife creatures.

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Wildlife in Franklin

Several of Franklin New Hampshire’s known refuge for wildlife includes Shaw Cove Trail, Winnipesaukee River Trail and Piney Point Nature Trail. Raccoons, flying squirrels and beavers can also be seen in Heritage Trail and Knowles Pond Conservation. Birds, foxes and wild rodents are seen freely roaming in mini forests and groves, picking up their food items. However, noticeable is the seemingly increased activity in wildlife animal intrusions in homes and business facilities.

Franklin NH Wildlife Removal Services

Flying Squirrel Removal in Franklin NH

The flying squirrels in Franklin are part of the squirrel species, though smaller than the average squirrel. Most of the flying squirrels we remove in Franklin New Hampshire are around 8-10 inches from the nose tip down to the tail. It shares a several similar traits with ground or tree squirrels like the big, round, black eyes which helps them to see at night.

Beaver Removal in Franklin NH

Beavers build dams for their refuge against predators, as well as to prepare their habitat in the winter. This can be seen in Franklin, the animal continue to repair and maintain their dam with wood, tree branches, small sticks, grass, twigs, stones, mud and soil. If you have bodies of water in your property and discovered a beaver with a habitat, you may want to contact a beaver removal expert in Franklin NH to remove and prevent it from coming back.

Raccoon Removal in Franklin NH

Raccoon Removal in Franklin NH

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Highly regarded for their intelligence, raccoons have often been described by wildlife animal experts as ‘sly coon’ or as ‘clever beasts’. Some zoologists argue that raccoons in a way surpass the cunning abilities of the fox. There were several studies taken which attempted to measure their mental ability by using their highly sensitive sense of touch, one if which by H.B. Davis in 1908, where it opened 11 out of 13 complex locks in less than 10 tries. Raccoon are the most frequent animals we remove in Franklin NH.

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Our other Franklin Wildlife Control Services

Bat Removal and Bat Exclusion

Here’s information on bats. Female bats are known to perfectly time their fertility, pregnancy and birth, making sure their young will have good availability of food sources and roosts, when they nurse it. The female bats even have the unique ability to store sperms in their reproductive tract for weeks and months after they mate with a male.

Squirrel Removal

The squirrels have always been known to eat fruits, seeds and nuts, but some studies have shown them to display a certain degree of predator behavior. In an observation and careful study in the 1920 by scientist Bailey, a species of a ground squirrel said to have prey upon small young chickens and young snakes. On a regular basis, we remove squirrels in Franklin.

Mole Removal

Mole Removal in Franklin NH

Photo credit: zenera / Foter / CC BY-SA

If you’ve seen a mole in New Hampshire, you’ve probably notice how they devour the earthworms. A mole paralyses the earthworms that they catch in their tunnels with their toxin filled saliva and then store them in ‘larders’ somewhere in their tunnel. Some studies show a mole can have hundreds to more than thousands of worms cached in the larders.

Groundhog Removal

Aside from ‘whistling sound’ which groundhogs have been widely known (earning them another as a whistle pig), this wildlife creature also produces other sounds such as the grinding in their teeth and some low volume barks. The groundhog can also be heard squealing if they get hurt or in a viscous fight with another animal. Call our number in Franklin for groundhog removal.

Muskrat Removal

The muskrats likes to move and cycle their population naturally, so you would most likely see a great number of muskrats in Franklin NH for a certain period and then see them scattered around the next time around.

Opossum Removal

The opossums are said to have sexually dimorphic characteristics. An opossum male usually have bigger canines than their female counterpart. The male is also physically heavier and larger. Another unique characteristic of the animal is the male opossum’s bifurcated penis and the female opossum’s bifurcated vagina and double womb. If you have trouble removing opossums, it would be better if you call an expert in Franklin New Hampshire.

Skunk Removal

Have you seen some skunks in Franklin recently? We’ve always seen skunks as solitary animal, foraging and scavenging for food in a yard, but they do move in communal dens once in a while. This happens most of the time in winter where a skunk gathered with other skunks so they can feel more warmth.

Rat Removal

Rat Removal in Franklin NH

Photo credit: blondinrikard / Foter / CC BY

Here something you would like to know about rats. Seeing a pack of rats, where rats join with others when they hunt for food, water and shelter seemed to prove the pro-social nature of the creature. The rat female usually display this behavior more than the rat male.

Bird Removal

Ever wonder why birds don’t seem to secrete urine. The birds actually have no urinary bladder, so you will not see them with excretions. Instead, they excrete semi-solid feces or wastes, which you normally see as droppings in the car wind shield or on your picnic table. These are actually uric acids mixed with their wastes.

Some of the common wildlife problems we encounter in Franklin NH include animal removal, trapping, proofing, waste removal, dead animal body removal and prevention. Wildlife removal requires expertise and study, if you need a guidance from wildlife professional in Franklin New Hampshire on wildlife animal concerns, call us.

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