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(Please call Fruit Cove FL Police Department’s Animal Control Department for all your domestic animal issues, particularly “dogs and cats” at 904-824-8304)

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Get in touch with a Fruit Cove FL wildlife removal company that specializes on removal of squirrels, trapping of raccoons, prevention of rats, cleaning of droppings, sanitation of foul odor and other wildlife problems. The solutions to persisting nuisance animal intrusions are just a phone call away. Pick up the phone and dial our number today for inquiries.

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Photo Credit: "FruitCoveCFL" by Excel23. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Photo Credit: “FruitCoveCFL” by Excel23. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

Wildlife in Fruit Cove FL

One of the bustling communities in St. Johns, Fruit Cove has a majority of land area at 17.9 square miles, with just 0.06% of water. There are several tourist attractions near and within Fruit Cove primarily the Alpine Groves Park, Bayard Conservation Area, Julington Durbin Creek Preserve and Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park. Some of the features in the area include paved paths, wooded areas, playground, walking trails, river fishing spots, camping grounds, hunting grounds, lush woods and diverse wildlife. Wildlife animals and species freely roam in the habitat.

Fruit Cove FL wildlife removal company

Raccoon removal in Fruit Cove FL

Suburbs have now been frequent roaming grounds by raccoons. If there are a lot of trees in town, some raccoons shouldn’t be that far. The raccoons will notably seek shelter near water and food sources. In Fruit Cove, raccoons are just one of the frequent nuisance animals that invade homes and apartments. If you have problems with Florida raccoons, don’t put it off, but instead call a wildlife company immediately.

Coyote removal in Fruit Cove FL

Even in modern urban living, the coyote can adapt easily with no trouble in assimilating on any environment. The coyote is said to have around nineteen other species under its family. Its versatility can be traced to its appearance in some areas in South America. Coyotes are just one of the wildlife animals that have caused problems in households in Fruit Cove. Let us know if you need to remove Florida coyotes.

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Rat removal in Fruit Cove FL

There are two important members of the genus rattus, which has the general characteristics of rodents: the brown rats and the black rats. The rats have medium body size and can be differentiated from mice which have small bodies. Fruit Cove property owners complain of rats which suddenly appear in their homes. If you’re one of residents with problems on rats, just give us call.

Honey bees removal in Fruit Cove FL

Known for their honey storage, honey bees are accepted as the general species of bees. There are actually more than one species of bees and along with that there are also subspecies. For instance, there are bees that sting and there other species that do not sting. Don’t make the mistake to take for granted the one or two honey bees that buzz in your garden. Remove the honey bees immediately. You can call us regarding this wildlife problem.

We also provide wildlife company services that include: squirrel trapping, bat exclusion, snake removal, animal damage repair, deer removal, animal droppings clean up, rodent control, mole digging animal removal, attic repair, and home insulation.

Our other wildlife company services include clean-up of animal droppings, animal litter/dead body removal, sanitation, decontamination, house restoration, attic insulation (removal of old and installation of new), entry prevention, foul odor removal, home repair and sealing of holes/vents.

We also provide wildlife management for: skunk, fox, raccoons, deer, birds, rats, snakes, coyote, wild hogs, mole animal, opossum, bats, armadillo, honey bees, squirrel and other dangerous species.

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Call us right now in Fruit Cove Florida for wildlife removal including wild hogs, raccoon, bees, opossums, snakes, armadillos, squirrel, bats, mice, rats, and other dangerous creatures.

Fruit Cove FL Wildlife Removal
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