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Armadillo are placental mammals with an armour shell which is leathery. These animals have an average length of about 75cm and they are usually distinguished by the number of bands on their armour. The giant armadillo normally weighs up to 54 kilograms and grows up to 150 cm. All the armadillo species are native to the Americans, where they occupy a variety of environments.

Gainesville armadillo removal

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Based on research, the animals live in warm and temperate habitats, including grasslands, semi-deserts and rain forests. They have a very low metabolic rate and as such cold conditions do not support their survival. The animals dig burrows and they sleep up to 16 hours. The armadillos have very huge front claws and strong legs which they use for digging. Such burrows could destroy the foundation of a building and as such Gainesville armadillo removal is necessary.

Armadillos have very poor eyesight, and use their great sense of smell to hunt. The animals eat termites and ants. Apart from that, they also eat plants, fruits, vertebrates, as well as the regular carrion meal. Huge populations of the animals are threatened by loss of habitat and over-hunting. Most people in the America consume armadillo flesh which is believed to resemble pork in its texture and flavor. The animals can cause a lot of harm to your plants when they invade your land. Armadillo removal in Gainesville is done by well trained experts. Once the animals invade your land, you should contact the experts immediately.

Armadillos have a gestation period of between 60 to 120 days. The young armadillos are born with leathery, soft skin, which eventually hardens after a few weeks. The young ones reach sexual maturity in a period of 3 to 12 months based on the species. Most armadillo damages happens as a result of their rooting in golf courses, flower beds, lawns and vegetable gardens. The animals also uproot ornamental plants and flowers. Some people also complain the animals keep them awake during the night by rubbing their shells in their structure. You should contact armadillo removal Gainesville experts once you detect them in your home.

Gainesville FL Armadillo Removal
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