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(Please no dog or cat calls. For domestic animals, please call Aluchua County Animal Control at 352-264-6870.)

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Wildlife refers to animal species not kept by man. Wildlife occupy different types of ecosystems including deserts, grasslands, rainforests, plains and other  regions including the most advanced urban sites. Humans have historically tried to distinguish civilization from wildlife in different ways including the social and moral sense. When specific species of wildlife animals are attacked by humans they can be very dangerous. Once you see a dangerous animal in your surroundings it is important to contact Gainesville FL wildlife removal experts.

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Wildlife animals can spread very dangerous diseases. The Center of Disease Control has discouraged direct contact with wild animals for a good reason. The animals can carry diseases that are harmful to humans, such as rabies, Salmonella and herpes B virus. The herpes B virus is very common among monkeys and the virus can be very deadly to humans. Normally, tens of thousands of humans get Salmonella infections every year from reptiles. These animals should be kept far from home. Wildlife removal in Gainesville is done by well trained experts.

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Wildlife animals can easily attack humans as a response to a perceived threat with instinctive “flight or fight” behavior. If a dangerous animal has invaded your land you should remain calm and contact well trained experts to help you remove the animals.

Both the male and female species are equally dangerous. Although animals may look calm, they can suddenly and unpredictably change from “friendly” to a very aggressive behavior. In case a wildlife animal has invaded your land, and is moving towards you, it is your sole responsibility to move away. You should ensure you maintain a safe distance. When this happens, make sure to contact your local wildlife control company. They can handle the situation accordingly. For more information, contact us today!

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