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Welcome to Anytime Wildlife Control where Gainesville FL wildlife removal solutions are just a phone call away. Gainesville is a home to lots of wildlife and for the most part, animals and people have learned to co habit with few intrusions. Sometimes the line is crossed though, and the cute, furry creature that looks cuddly in children’s books and on the Discovery channel becomes your worst nightmare.

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Noises in your attics or crawls spaces when mother raccoon decides your attic is where she is going to raise her babies, manicured yards ruined where raccoons and skunks decide to dig up the sod to look for grubs, squirrels racing through your soffits before daybreak waking you up (even on the weekends) are all problems that we receive complaints for and solve on a weekly basis.

Call today and we can walk you through how we would go about removing the offending critter. Our services include trapping, where we remove the offending critters from your property. We also engage in exclusion practices, where we prevent the animal from causing further damage through habitat modification so the nuisance wildlife doesn’t return again. For example, if a skunk or raccoon has taken up residence under your deck we can install a wire mesh barrier after removing the animals so new animals do not move in.

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Raccoon Removal and Raccoon Control

We get raccoons out of your attic, we trap raccoons that are getting into your garbage cans, if you see a sick raccoon you can call us and we can come pick it up before it endangers people or pets. We get rid of raccoons tearing up your grass in their search for grubs. Call the raccoon removal experts in Gainesville FL now!

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping

One of our most common calls is when someone has squirrel in the attic. We remove and trap squirrels from your attic. If we catch a lactating female we know we have the likelihood of babies in your attic. In those cases we will check your attic for babies. Squirrels can be easy to catch in a trap but they may be difficult to prevent from returning. Our technicians can give you tips and in many cases perform the work to make sure you never have squirrels in your attic again. Get the best squirrel removal Gainesville FL has to offer!

Armadillo Trapping

Armadillos are an interesting animal, almost like something left over from the dinosaur age with their armor and long claws. They become a nuisance when, in pursuit of ants or a safe place to dig a home, they damage your yard. Armadillo trapping is not easy. You need someone experienced. We are experts in armadillo removal in Gainesville FL. Again, prevention from further armadillo damage is the goal. In many cases we can help with fencing solutions where they cannot burrow and get in your yard.

Call 904-345-1542 for inquiries.

Skunk Trapping and Skunk Removal

Skunks become a nuisance when they spray. Their odor is legendary as being totally overpowering and also hard to remove. Usually it is the family dog that is the recipient of the skunk’s blast. If skunks have taken up residence under your shed or deck don’t wait for them to spray. Call us today. We can also provide exclusion of your shed or deck and prevent them from ever coming back. The other times skunks become a real nuisance is during grub season. You will see many little precision made divots all over your yard where skunks have dug up the grubs, but left you with a mess. Grubs are a skunks favorite food they are not very susceptible to too many baits during grub season but we still have a few tricks up our sleeve. Call us for skunk removal services in Gainesville FL.

Bat Removal

Bats are a very useful species with all the bugs that they eat but they can sure cause some economic damage if they decide to take up residence in your attic. They usually colonize with others and their bat guano can pile up fast, leaving you an odor and a cleanup problem. The other thing of note about bats is that they have the highest rate of rabies of any wild animal in the U.S. Rabies is fatal if untreated and the treatment is expensive if accidently bitten. So take no chances. If a bat ends up in your living quarters call a professional Gainesville FL bat removal company.

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