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In need of nuisance animal extraction and wildlife animal proofing, we provide Gary IN Wildlife Removal on squirrel trapping, bat removal squirrel removal, raccoon removal and other wildlife control services in Gary. Our passion is to remove rabid and wild animals from households, offices and establishments. Call one of our staff today for inquiries and costs.

Wildlife in Gary

Gary, boasts of history and fame (Michael Jackson’s birthplace), but more than that, the city overflows with scenic greens and amazing fairway landscapes. Rapid change in Gary brought wealth and developments, yet still keeping its natural beauty. Gary’s nature trails and grass attracts some of the untamed and vicious animals from the wild.

From Indiana raccoons and squirrels, to different bat species, Gary IN is home for these virulent creatures. However, they’re not just seen roaming in adjacent forest and woodlands. There also some wild animal sightings in houses, shops and stores.

Important: Residential places need to be “wild animal proofed”! This secures your home and helps you avoid rabies bites, disease transmissions and other untoward incident.

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Bat Removal in Gary IN

Bats don’t just live in mountain caves, jungles or waterfalls as seen in some stories; they can also find their way in suburbs and places with people. Since they’re nocturnal mammals, they often travel at night. As evidence, as soon as majority of the people in Gary are sleeping, bats fly around and begin their search for food (insects like mosquitoes). Many times, they also establish brand new roosts.

If their natural habitats have been disturbed by other forest animals, they seek to build a new home. This is the case when they often end up in schools, houses and offices. Sightings of bats in Gary Indiana might not speak well for the business. For customers, seeing bats will discourage them from patronizing your store. Don’t wait for one of your loyal customers tell you about the rabies-carrying-bats and on how (the presence of bats) places people in high risk.

Raccoon Removal in Gary IN

Some of the calls we receive from Gary IN residents ask about D-I-Y methods to remove raccoons. They often reveal that they’ve tried to poke raccoons with broom stick. There’s one incident someone tried to hit a raccoon with the stick – only it tried to fight back. Good thing for him, he was able to run and close the door toward his living room, with the raccoon still staying in the kitchen.

Only after this unsuccessful attempt did he thought on calling a raccoon removal expert from a wildlife control company in Gary. Raccoons are difficult to remove if you (barely) have the knowledge on how to (successfully) do it. Wildlife animal professionals employ humane strategies to remove the raccoon. After that, they apply procedures to prevent the animal from coming back.

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Trapping in Gary IN

 Squirrel Trapping in Gary IN

Photo credit: Genista / / CC BY-SA

Squirrels can look nimble, small and hairy. They can be fun to watch as they run and make small hops, carrying fruits, as they look for places to store their nabbed food. Believe it or not, squirrels don’t just store food in trees; they can store their nuts even in the most unexpected places like closets, shoes or drawers.

Some of the squirrel removal inquiries we receive in Gary IN ask for squirrel trapping and an effective animal proofing for their home. Such is the case because of “unbelievable” circumstances on how some squirrels squeezed into some tubes or holes (without breaking a sweat). Some owners of cars, vans and trucks in Gary tell us one thing: squirrels like to store their pecans in vehicle engines!

Don’t wait for squirrels to establish habitat in your garage (or other house areas), let alone in your vehicles. Nuts in machines are accidents in waiting. Ask us about our squirrel removal and proofing methods, call us in our Gary IN Wildlife Removal hotline!

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